Monday, October 20, 2008

Creature Feature

Ok - so I've interviewed the Off-Spring in previous posts and was then informed that I have forgotten a member of the family... 4-legged-creature! Not to be left out, I present to you the Creature Feature.

Me: Thanks for taking the time to sit with me and do this interview.
4-Legged-Creature: [panting deeply, looking around, wagging tail]
Me: I know it's hard for you to sit still. But please, for the sake of the interview, try to calm down and not get so excited.

Me: What's your name?
4LC: Kayli

Me: Your Breed?
4LC: I'm a puggle. It's one of those new tr├Ęs chic hybrid breeds. Means I'm half Pug and half Beagle.

Me: What's your favorite thing to do?
4LC: Follow you around, waiting for treats and/or praise.

Me: What about when no one is home?
4LC: Barking at the squirrels in the front yard. Followed by continuous jumping in the same spot in an attempt to see what is on the kitchen counter. Then I go through your dirty laundry in search of an article of clothing to nap with, then take said nap. Nap is followed by barking at the mailman. Then running in circles chasing my tail followed by another nap (time permitting), and finally barking at kids on their way home from school.

Me: Wow! Sounds like a rough day.
4LC: Hey! It's a Dog-Eat-Dog World out there.

Me: How do you feel about felines?
4LC: They are yummy! God's creatures. I may not approve of their behavior, but I will respect them as long as they respect me and stay off/out of my territory!

Me: What do you wanna be when you grow up?
4LC: Tall enough to reach the kitchen counter.

Me: Who's your hero?
4LC: Tank (the backyard neighbor's Highway-Patrol-Drug-Sniffing Dog).

Me: What do you hate the most?
4LC: Going out to tinkle when it's raining.

Me: What do you like best about being a puggle?
4LC: Everyone just LOVES my baby pics. (see me below - aren't i adorable)
Me: Your favorite treats?
4LC: Bananas, Bacon, and if no one is around, the entire pan of Costco Lasagna that was left cooling on the kitchen counter... burp! Excuse me.

Me: Who's your favorite member of the family?
4LC: You are my favorite, Mom. Unless we're speaking victims here...then it'd have to be LittleDuckling. He is such an easy target, always forgetting to guard his candy and such...

Me: Anything else you'd like to add?
4LC: [distracted]...huh? what? Oh no, nothing else. I'd really like to go now though. Bang is outside (the neighbor's dog). Now there's a piece of tail nice cute too! Gotta run... [off sofa and barking at back door].

Well, there you have it. Every member of the fam has now been officially interviewed. Click here if you missed one.
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What? What's that? No Mr. Dust Bunny - just because you've lived under the sofa for months on end does not make you a member of this family. No, I will not interview you. Nor you, Mr. Chia Pet, so don't get any ideas...


Ruthykins said...

can't believe you won't interview the chia pet. after all he's done for you. he even wrote your christmas letter one year, and you won't even interview him. sheesh!

Mrs. S said...

you are so funny...and he WAS a cute pup!

Emily said...

How funny... Thanks for the interviews. I always enjoy your posts

jewelstreet said...

What a cute puppy!

I think you should interview the dust bunny. lol.

Willeyes said...

See, you never leave anyone out:) Cute!

kanaboke said...

that was stinkin' HILARIOUS and oh so cute!!

kanaboke said...

that was stinkin' HILARIOUS and oh so cute!!

Anonymous said...

That was so cute! And that pup is SO CUTE! That face is just adorable!

Blog Stalker said...

Chia Pets of the world unite! Stop the discrimination and hate mongering! We deserve our equal time! No more grasification without equal representation!

Alright, it's a stretch, I know.

Nice post!

Have a great day!

Susie said...

I love your interviews but this one is the best!! I love that first picture!! Perfect!!

andrew's mom said...

OMG you kill me! I love your puggle-that's the kind of dog I want-we've already named the yet to exist pet Tobey, but my high strung diabetic cat is not having it. Where do you get a puggle? Aren't they very hard to find?

purplehaze said...

That was cute! I remember when nursemom told me you were getting a puppy and she had a hard time saying the breed.

Tulsi said...

That is the cutest dog!!!!!!!!

"The Queen in Residence" said...

That was great!!!! I love a puggle, so much cutter then a pug. Where do I get me one of those???

Over the weekend my friend and I were quoting your Church blog. I am still laughing over that one...