Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ten Guilty Pleasures

In no particular order...here are 10 of my guilty pleasures...

1) I like to buy "PEEPS" candies and remove the cellophane wrapper and let them get a little stale/hard. I LOVE eating hard peeps...mmm.

2) Soaking in a HOT bath for an hour at least once per week.

3) Taking a *minimum* 2 hour nap on Sundays (the kids have seen me without my weekly nap... better to let me sleep undisturbed.)

4) Scrapbooking or working on another "fun" project instead of doing housework.

5) Recording (DVR) all of my fav TV shows, and then "wasting" a rainy/cold day watching ALL of them.

6) Making myself a peanut butter and chocolate frosting sandwich on soft bread while engaging in #5. Better yet if I just bring the entire loaf and both jars with me, so I can continue to eat without disturbing my viewing pleasure.

7) Massages! I used to get one EVERY FRIDAY, no lie. It was a guilty pleasure that I had to give up, sadly, when I became a single mom. Just can't justify the expense. (My weekly therapy sessions were about the same in cost, and I didn't have to tip my counselor, lol!)

8) Romance Novels. Now, I don't mean the smutty kind either. I like pretty much anything written by Nicholas Sparks. Though I have also started a few other authors. I just love a good love story with a happy ending.

9) Baking! All I need to hear from one of my kids is, "I wish we had brownies (or cookies, or cake, or pie...)" and I am searching through my recipes. I love any excuse to bake.

10) Rainy Days! Seems like an odd guilty pleasure, I know. But, if I do not have to work, I let "rainy days" be my excuse for anything/everything! On cold rainy days, I don't feel like getting out of bed. I just wanna snuggle the blanket a little closer, and stay in my flannel jammies. And when I get hungry, order a pizza! I have come to realize that Pizza is the PERFECT rainy/snowy/cold day food! oh - and by the way, this is great to do in conjuntion with #5, while saving #6 for dessert! hahaha!

What are some of your guilty pleasures?


Byde and Mel said...

I love getting a pedicure...but sadly haven't in quite sometime.

Reading is one of my favorites. A good mystery/romance. Then I would have to say painting, watching my DVR(i love that invention)and making something(cards or scrapbooking.)

Watching a sappy movie or playing cards with a Dr. Pepper and some treats. Eating out, girls night and I love stopping at yard sales...I know weird:}

I love looking at magazines and catalogs. My mom gets a ton and I love going through her pile while I'm there:)

My favorite is probably a NAP! Now that definetly doesn't happen nearly enough:)

mydogumentary said...

Those are great--I love rainy days and good television--nothing better!

Kaye Butler said...

Panchos Cheese Dip. Plain and simple. With a good book...while the kids are at the in-laws...

Susie said...

I am with you on baths, naps and baking (of course). I would also include chocolate and wine to that list:-)

mydogumentary said...

Thanks for making me your shout-out. I'm blushing over here! :)

Blog Stalker said...

Okay, I am so with you on numbers 2, 3,4,7, & 10. A guilty pleasure of mine? Hmmmmm..........lets see.....well, I love to sit in oversized comfy clothes watching sports or a good movie. If its cold outside it's even better.

Oh....and having a stay at home vacation where ther is no place to be and no meetings/practices/appointments etc. where everyone has time to relax and be together.....NOW THAT IS ONE GUILTY PLEASURE I DO NOT GET ENOUGH OF!

Great post

~Trish~ said...

Love the list!!! I am totally with you on almost all of them except the sammich...ewe LOL Thanks for stopping by my Kansas blog today!!

Shawnee said...

So glad you've joined the Holiday Hostess Flirty Apron Swap!

lilianril said...

First off - Nicholas Sparks is NOT the author to read if you like happy endings.

I have to say that reading, baking, TV (with DVR of course!), and video games would be my guilty pleasures. I am usually doing those things when I should be cleaning the house.

Ronnica said...

Peanut butter and chocolate frosting sandwich? That sounds good!