Tuesday, October 7, 2008

LittleDuckling Quacks Us Up!

Ok - so last week you met PrettyPrettyPrincess. This week's spotlight interview is on the middle child. He's 10 1/2 years old and is in 5th grade. Without further adieu, I present to you LittleDuckling...

Me: what's your favorite color?
LittleDuckling: red

Me: Which season do you like the best?
LD: fall

Me: Why the Fall?
LD: not too hot, not to cold

Me: If you could be any fictional character, who would you be?
LD: Cap'n Crunch

Me: If you could create your own video game, what would it be called?
LD: I dont know. Taco Time.

Me: What would the objective of this game be?
LD: ummm....find and eat tacos? (in a "duh" voice tone)

Me: if you HAD to choose between sitting next to an annoying girl or sitting next to a stinky boy, which would you choose?
LD:is there a middle choice?

Me: no - you must choose one or the other.
LD: how stinky is the boy?

Me: pretty stinky
LD: the girl i guess

Me: If you could describe ALL girls with ONE word, what would it be?
LD: overly-chatty. which is really my "nice" way of saying obnoxious. but since you said I couldn't say that...

Me: What is your favorite hobby?
LD: building with Legos, I guess

Me: What is one thing you LIKE about school?
LD: The time when I get to go home.

Me: What is one thing you HATE about school?
LD: The time when school starts.

Me: If I HAD to cook the same thing for dinner every night, what would you want that one thing to be???
LD: Ravioli

Me: What do you like to do together as a family?
LD: Eating out.

Me: What's your favorite chore?
LD: Excuse Me?

Me: What's your favorite chore?
LD: My favorite chore? Are you being for real?

Me: Yes.
LD: Is eating or sleeping an option?

Me: No.
LD: Cleaning the hallway, I suppose.

Me: What is one thing you'd like us to know about you?
LD: My middle name is Maliq. Can I go now? I'm hungry!

Well, I guess that sums it up, folks. Thanks to LittleDuckling for being such a "great sport".

*on a side note, LittleDuckling's ADHD meds were recalled (yikes). Going through this interview "cold turkey" has been quite the adventure - for both of us. The doc says I should have the new prescription in a few days (fingers crossed).


Susie said...

Well, it was nice meeting her. Meds or not, I think you have the makings of some pre-teen angst.

greenolive said...

LD is hilarious! Next time I see him we're having some ravioli and and building with legos. Just tell him he could either spend time with his annoying aunt or with his stinky uncle. I already know which one he'll choose now.

lilianril said...

I loved the question about the favorite chore - like you're trying to trick him into something. Very suspicious.

"The Queen in Residence" said...

Such a boy!!!! I am loving the one word response and the are you serious...... That was priceless - thanks for sharing.

RhondaLue said...

the hallway! yah that'd be my fav too, cuz it would only take 2 seconds to pick up and hoover it! ;)

But whoa...hold up! I have one on adhd meds too. I hate to be nosey (j/k. i love to BE nosey, just hate for others to THINK of me as nosey!)but which one was he on that was recalled and what's the reason? My son was on several that caused some cardiac symptoms so he's very limited in what ELSE we can try. Not that there's been much success on the new one anyway but still, I'm curious.

Megs said...

Its been a nice peek into the mind of the lesser known child for me. Having had P.P.P. and funny guy over several times now I know what brother is like. He's a crack up.

oh, and surprise from batw! not really, i just wanted to say that.

Willeyes said...

He is so funny!@! Isn't it interesting how different three kids from the same family can be....but they all have a little...or a lot of you in them:)

American in Norway said...

Thanks for stopping by & showing some bloggy love on my big SITS day!

Blog Stalker said...

Great Interview! Little duckling sounds marvelous. "How stinky is the boy?" Classic!

Can't wait to play taco time.

Have a great day!

purplehaze said...

That was great! Sounds like my youngest with the school part!! My oldest has ADD so I know what you are going through. Hope you get the new drugs.

Tulsi said...

I love the Cap'n Crunch. I would never in a million years have picked that one. I would have been thinking non cereal.

Anonymous said...

Hehe...great answers! Sounds pretty typical for a boy his age!

andrew's mom said...

Little Duckling is a crack up and needs to come be in my 5th grade class so I can show him how much fun school can be! Poor kid-I think having an ADD teacher would help-I totally relate, man! Scary news about the meds recall. Have you heard about the ADHD parent support group?

illahee said...

thanks for visiting my blog via BATW!

Ruthykins said...

i would choose the stinky boy over the annoying girl. just plug my nose and it's all good.