Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I've Been Tagged - Thrice!!!

Ok - for those who are new to the bloggy world, this isn't a new concept! It's been around the email-world for ages (oh - all right, maybe only a decade or so). Anyway - the concept is as old as the game of Tag itself. So, since I was tagged in Game #1 by both Heather(click here) and Mrs. S (click here), I thought I'd go ahead and play along. For the Game #2, I was tagged byHolli(click here).

See below for how to play. And I am going to break the rules (gasp) - but just a little. Instead of tagging NEW players, consider yourself "tagged" if you wanna play the game, and post on YOUR blog!

Game #1

My 7 weird/random facts:

1) I was born with a FULL HEAD OF HAIR!!!

2) I LOVE artichokes

3) I have NEVER been to Disneyland or Disneyworld. The only thing "Disney" I've ever been to is the "Disney Store" at the mall!

4) There is a "naughty" side of me. (Hey! I said "naughty", not "dirty". Y'know, like pranks and stuff. Get your mind outta the gutter! Geesh!)

5) I would eat Cinnamon Bears over Chocolate ANY DAY!!!

6) I HATE snow! It's nice to look at in the mountains, but pu-lease, do not come down to the valley floor!

7) I LOVE wearing silky PJs!!!

Game #2


Open your "pictures" folder. Go to the 4th folder (if you have one) and click on the 4th picture. Post the 4th picture. is the 4th picture in my 4th folder of my "pictures" folder!

Whew - I'm glad it wasn't an embarrassing one of ME!!! It's of FunnyMan in his Retro-Dude Halloween Costume from Last Year!

Now - TAG! You're it! Can't wait to see your 7 weird/random facts and see your random pic on your blog! I'll be by soon!


Blog Stalker said...

I may consider the first tag, but definitely gonna just say no to the second. You know, gotta protect the ID.

Funny about the cinnamon bears. I would rather have hot tamales or another soft chewy sweet snack than chocolate any day. You should see the looks I get when I tell people that.

Have a great day!

"The Queen in Residence" said...

I loved that picture, what a great costume. Too funny and I agree with the snow. Stay in the mountains where you belong!!!

Anonymous said...

I was born with a full head of hair too! And the picture is great! I'm pretty sure my random one would be a pic of the dog!

Becky Welch said...

Thanks for coming by my blog yesterday via BATW. I hope you had a nice visit and will come back soon.

Mrs. S said...

a full head of hair? really? oh I bet you were such a sweet baby.

Now my Moose often gets very upset at me when I shower & he's not in there. I tried putting him in his room; he knocked down the baby gate. I put him in his crib; he bawled/howled the entire time. Now I leave him downstairs (with the doors locked & the baby gate up & Sesame St. on); he hardly knows I'm gone.

Mrs. S said...

Well, dear, I was NOT in show choir in college. You had to try out for that & I was scared so I never even tried out. I was in our hs show choir but it wasn't impressive, we never had any big steps. I was in choir in hs for 4 years and for a semester in college. *shrug* I do love to sing & hope that some day we'll find a church where I can sing, too.

Kelsey said...

I just found your blog from SITS, so hi!
The first thing I saw when the page opened was your strawberry lemonade cake and OMG it looks delicious!!!

Wondering what a cinnamon bear is lol. Never heard of those..I'll have to look for them when I go up north, maybe they just don't sell them in Florida.

Susie said...

Great getting to know you stuff. My first daughter was born with a full head of her but I didn't take her to Disney World.

I would eat chocolate with anything. My blog and Iron Cupcake is evidence of that:-)

I love silky pjs too and don't hate me because of my post today with a snowy tree:-)

Shannon said...

WHAT??!?!? You've never been to Disneyland or Disney World? You should go, at least once...

Thanks for visiting me yesterday from BATW :)

Puphigirl said...

I thought you liked stale peeps and circus peanuts.