Thursday, October 9, 2008

Starring: FunnyMan

Okay, so last but not least, Introducing the oldest of the Off-Spring, FunnyMan. Age 14, Grade 9.

ME:What is the best part about being a teenager?
FunnyMan: Later in the teenage years, I guess driving would be really cool. there are more opportunities. but also more responsibilities.

ME: What is your favorite class in High School this year?
FM: Photography

ME: The lyrics that you write...most of them are about love, or jaded love. Would you say this is from personal experience?
FM: no

ME: If you wrote a book, what would it be called?
FM: I am writing a book, its called Dark Matter
ME: What's it about?
FM: Its a very disturbing book about a boy where everything in his life goes wrong. Drugs, parents were killed in front of him, and he has attained the ability to... manipulate matter. A super hero story.
ME: Deep. (Where's that number to the counselor???)

ME: What is one thing you really HATE doing?
FM: Homework

ME: If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
FM: laziness, find my self-motivation to actually do something

ME: If you were old enough to vote in the election this year, who would you vote for?
FM: McCain
ME: Hmmm. Well, I am a firm believer that you need to form your own opinions...Be sure to consult me when you're old enough to vote...

ME: You'll be taking driver's ed next year. Any thought to the type of car you'd like to drive?
FM: 1965 Mustang Fastback, black with two white racing stripes going down the middle. Dice in the rear view mirror.
ME: (choke, gasp, cough). Right. So, the mini-van it is...

ME: What is your Ultimate Dream Job?
FM: McDonalds! No not really. Actor, Singer song-writer, screen writer, movie director, a highly acclaimed author, or maybe just an English teacher.

ME: What are you doing now to prepare yourself for that?
FM: writing stories/poems, singing a lot, making film projects with friends, making people laugh and teachers shaking there heads in disbelief to what I've said.

ME: If there was a movie about your life, who would you want to play you?
FM: There aren't many good young actors that I would like to portray me and seeing that I haven't grown into a full adult I don't know an actor extremely fit for my part. But maybe... Aaron Yoo, Frankie Muniz, and Rob Schneider as an older me.

ME: What is the one thing that you think that most people do not know about you?
FM: I've played Capture the Flag in my underwear.
ME: A mother's proud moment...I am sure.
FM: hahahaha.

ME: Your life philosophy?
FM: Be free to express yourselves, don't be embarrassed when you do something stupid/out of the ordinary. Just laugh and move along.

Thanks. Now, go do your homework.


Ronnica said...

Nice. "or maybe just an English teacher" - I'm not sure there's anything "just" about it; that's a big job!

Blog Stalker said...

What a great interview. Funny man indeed! BTW An owner of a McDonalds Franchise store in the right location and under the right management can make a killing

So, still waiting for your "embarrassing moment" you said was coming........hmmmmmmmm

Have a great day!

Megs said...

love that kid.

This Mom said...

You so don't look old enough to have a teenager, who by the way is very funny.

thanks for stooping by on yesterday's layover

RhondaLue said...

I agree with this mom. You look way to young to have a teen!

I like his taste in cars, btw!

It sounds like this kids got a super bright future ahead of bright I think I need a pair of shades!

Willeyes said...

He is so great, and I'm sure he got his sense of humor from his mother:)

Susie said...

Great interview and a great kid! He sounds very creative.

lilianril said...

FunnyMan has at least dome good taste. His car choice is awesome!

Mrs. S said...

"just" an English teacher? Oh children! ha!

And good boy on the voting thing! :)

Your kids are adorable.

And I highly doubt you have 30 surely don't look like it. You are skinny!

purplehaze said...

The interviews were great thanks for sharing. I love his choice in the car too! Writer, singer sounds like mom!

Kelsey said...

Very cute! He sounds like a great brother is 12 and no where as sweet sounding as your son!

Ruthykins said...

i think it's funny how people say that you don't look old enough to have a teenager. any fourteen year old can get pregnant, which means that even i could have a teenager right now. of course people think i'm younger than i am, too. i always get carded at the casinos when i order virgin drinks.

Lady Dorothy said...

Now that's a kid with personality!

It was nice visiting you again. Thanks for stopping by my place on our BATW tour! Hope you'll come by again sometime!

Anonymous said...

Great interview! He seems like a deep boy!

KiennaP said...

i like the part where you said "thanks. now do your homework"
that was funny. keenan is funny. now i know why you call him
"funnyman" haha

"The Queen in Residence" said...

That was hillarious. I too have the school counselors number handy.....
So who is going to interview you?

Have a great weekend!!!

greenolive said...

What a great life philosophy. FunnyMan is awesome and I know he'll make his dreams come true.

Laura said...

=) I love that kid too... hehehe. =D

he's so awesome. His singing voice just makes my day = )

feather k said...

very fun...I like your responses...I agree with the mini van...

Jed said...

Okay, I absolutely love his choice of car. Got a good head on his shoulders, that boy does.

good interview.