Thursday, October 14, 2010

Stage Fright

I know it's not TMI-Tuesday, but that ship has sailed and I am feelin' a confessional coming on. So today, it's all about my li'l ol' problem with stage fright.

It's true my dear bloggy-followers. Although for the most part I do not consider myself a shy person, and even admit to being an attention whore, there are only very few and rare occasions, I might add, in which I am struck with "stage fright".

True. I sang and acted in high school musicals umpteen years ago. That was easy. I even played the part of Kim McAfee in our high school's production of "Bye, Bye, Birdie." Yes, it probably helped that the audience sat in the dark. Nevertheless, no stage fright.

True. I can, and often times will, strike up a conversation with anyone just about anywhere.

I am not even talking about public speaking. In fact, being in front of a group teaching, speaking, pontificating, or "performing" gives me a rush. That is just the sort of attention whore I am. I love being in front of people and using my gift of gab.

What I am talking about here is using public restrooms. I know, "Yikes!" right? It's not like I have a "problem" using public restrooms. I only have a problem if someone is TALKING to me while I am trying to tinkle.

I admit. I get a little stage fright when I gotsta go and someone -- ANYONE-- is standing on the other side of that door and feels the need to strike up a conversation. Can it not just wait until AFTER I have completed my mission? Or at least wait until I've flushed and made my way to wash up?

Seriously. I can "go" in a crowded restroom, no long as no one is speaking to me. I figure I can focus on my business while everyone else is focused on their business, y'know? But, if someone starts talking to me... well, then all bets are off. I just can't seem to go.

This happened just the other day at work. I ran into a colleague in the restroom. I was headed in as she was headed out. She was at the sink while I entered the stall. She started chatting to me and all I could think was, "Seriously??? Don't you have work to do?" Hahahaha! But for reals... Can't.Pee.If.You.Are.Talking.To.Me.

Finally, after realizing that she was WAITING for me, I decided to give up and try again later. I did end up telling her a few days later about my little stage fright issue.

And as far as # 2 goes? Well, that is another blog post entirely...


Susie said...

I can't either:-)

kanaboke said...

Bwaaaahahahahahahahaha! I'm the Talking Whilst Tinkling type! Uh Oh!

RhondaLue said...

I can talk while I pee, no sweat.

I'M JEALOUS THAT YOU DON'T GET STAGE FRIGHT GIVING A LESSON!! Seriously, I obsess over it. It's an issue with me, but at least I agree to do it, even if it means I make myself look bad because I'm bad at it. lol But really.

Abby said...

Hey Emma--

Is this really you?! It's only been like almost 20 years!! (Not that we're old or anything!) This is Abby from BYUH choir. I would love to hear from you sometime! Take care!


EmmaP said...

ABBY!!!!! Going to hunt you down now!!!

Vickie said...

It takes to much concentration to do both!! Dude! My brain can only do some much;)

Regarding way!! I do not want anyone hearing my noises:p

ps. I love your header!