Monday, October 18, 2010

Weekly Warning

Warning: this week I will probably not get to read many blogs.

This week I will probably get less sleep than usual.

This week I will most likely have dark circles under my eyes.

This week I will undoubtedly neglect cooking for my children, not to mention other motherly duties.

This week I will be trying to prevent sleep-deprivation migraines.

This week I may utter a plethora of "craps", "freakins" and possibly even a few "golls" mingled with an array of "blehs", "sighs" and "ughs".

This week I will quite possibly, probably have a major-minor emotional meltdown at least once.

Yes, dear readers. This week is mid-terms... ahhh!!! Wish me luck!

Oh, and FYI... care packages of cinna-bears and diet coke gladly being accepted now. Haha!


Holli and Billy said...

Hey, but at least you have Thursday to look forward to!!

Susie said...

Good luck to you:-)

Puphigirl said...

duly noted

I really liked that cookie said...

Good luck!

dorneys said...

Good luck, no jealousy here :)

Tulsi said...

My daughter had mid terms when we were in NM and had her sis in law take Addi. Hope you do well with all of yours!

RhondaLue said...

Good luck on all those midterms. Though you're probably about through with them by now. I've been behind on the blog reading as well, as you can see!

Abby said...

How did mid-terms go?? I hope well!! I'm in school too and it's tons of fun sometimes!!