Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Dream Date

The Music Man & I are great friends. He has a beautiful wife and adorable kids, not to mention new baby. He is a fabulous example of a great husband and father.

One of the things that makes us great friends is our mutual love of music. We can talk music ALL.THE.TIME. And... we do. New artists, old artists, lyrics, genres, the whole thing.

I am sure he gets tired of hearing my whiny-cry-baby vents. But, I partly blame him since he is the one who asks, "So, how's your love life going?" hahaha! Yep. Blaming him. He asked, so I guess he should be prepared to receive my mindless blubbering.

As my High School Choir Director used to say, Music is like Life; full of Peaks and Valleys. Yep. Peaks & Valleys. Such is life. So, a recent convo with the Music Man took place during one of my "valleys". I was whiny-cry-babying about how it sucks not to have someone to come home to. I said something like, "I would just love to come home, curl up on the couch, and unwind with that someone special, listening to tunes and feel peace in the rhythm of his breathing.

The Music Man, being in touch with his sensitive side said something like, "I wish that for you. I don't know what's wrong with men. I think you would be easy to love. In fact, if I were one of those men, that would be my dream date with you."

Dream date, huh? As sweet as it was, I wondered later if men are really like that? Do they enjoy the cuddle time too? Would that really be some guy's dream date with me?

The more I thought about it, the more I decided that - Yes! I want to be with a man who would want to have that kind of moment with me too. I want a man who would think that spending that kind of time with me IS a dream date.

Thanks, Music Man. You've just help me raise the bar another notch. Music, Cuddling, and breathing have just been added to my wish list. :)


michaelhunterpfs said...

Well...well...well.. a cuddler heh? No, not a woman who likes to cuddle...never heard of it (I say sarcastically!).

In reality, when my wife and I were going through a challenging time, I missed the hugging. I just ached for some heart-felt embrace.

They are out there. Now go find yourself someone you can talk music to and cuddle with in between chasing the kids around. Where? Where else....a place where music is the central theme. Slam dunk!

Puphigirl said...

I love the quiet embraces, where you are just hugging, or lounging on the other person. Just breathing and peaceful. I too wonder if guys enjoy that or are they thinking, "How long do I have to cuddle before I get sex."

Susie said...

That is so sweet!