Sunday, August 24, 2008

My Dirty Little Secrets...

All right, these aren't actually Dirty, and they're not really secrets either.

A while ago my friend, Emily did a post called "100 Things About Me" and her sister Ann did one called "Have You Ever..." Both of these posts made me think of my own idiosyncrasies that no one knows about. I know what you're thinking: "Perhaps those things should remain unknown."

Too bad...I'm posting these anyway, and you will just have to deal with it. What's that my dad used to say? "You will read it, and you will like it"? Oh, wait...I think it was "eat" not "read". Well, never mind then. Just read, and if you don't like what you see...change the channel. Here goes...

My Dirty Little Secrets (or at least the 15 I am willing to share)

1) I LOVE Cereal. I would love to have a diet purely of cereal. I could eat it for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and all snacks in between. Often times I eat it right out of the box; milk not required. I wish they would sell boxes of cereal at the Theater, cuz it's the perfect movie-watching snack. Oh - and sometimes, I hide the good cereal from my kids, so I can have it all to myself. Did you know that Frosted Flakes are really good crushed up in the middle of a pb sandwich? So is Raisin Bran, by the way. The times where I have eaten a WHOLE box of cereal in one sitting (straight from the box - no milk) are too numerous to count.

2) I LOVE My Daughter's Music. Ok, so this is purely a confession. A few years ago, Noggin used to spotlight some of Laurie Berkner's music videos as fillers in between kid shows. I loved her quirky lyrics and her singer-songwriter style on her acoustic guitar. PrettyPrettyPrincess loved her music too, so it was a great "excuse" to buy it. We would listen to it in the car ALL the time. Now that PrettyPrettyPrincess is a little older, we don't listen to it as much. However, I still crank it up from time to time. The boys will ask, "Why are you listening to that?" " was." "Uh, right. She's not even in the room," they point out. Guilty as charged, dang it!

3) I prefer to take one route to my destination and a different route home. I don't know why I do this. MrBusDr did this ALL the time while I was growing up. I LOVE taking back roads as much as possible too. Scenery reminds me of home.

4) I LOVE romance in a movie! In fact, I tend to get really irritated if the two characters are obviously attracted to one another, but never act on it! Take Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium for example. There is definitely chemistry between characters Molly Mahoney and the skeptical accountant, Henry. As the movie nears the end, I patiently await the magical moment, the moment where their lips will meet. It's coming, it's coming...they look into each other's eyes...and "What?" I sit up and exclaim as the credits begin to roll. "No Kiss???" PrettyPrettyPrincess, who is snuggled up next to me in the bed sits up too and says, "This is a kids movie, mom! It wouldn't be appropriate!" "Nonsense," I contend. "Cinderella & Prince Charming kissed."

5) I am a water-waster! I know that when I reveal this little confession, all of you "green" & eco-friendly giants out there will petition to have my head. However, I love soaking in long hot bubble baths. It is my place of solitude from the "outside world" (the off-spring). But that's not the "wasteful" part. See, after using about 30 gallons to soak, I still need to wash my hair. So, I drain the tub, and immediately take a quick shower, using perhaps another 7-8 gallons. I know, I know - wasteful! But I just cannot give up my long soaks. I have, however, cut back to just one long soak per week.

6) I have been converted to Wal-Martism. For years, friends and family members used to proselyte about their "great deals". I was a non-believer. I resisted; treating it like the anti-Christ of shopping centers. The aisles were crowded, the store dirty, the help not helpful, and apparently the fact that you didn't have to "dress up" to shop there was the Carte Blanche some folks needed to avoid brushing their teeth or slapping on a bra before making their entrance. Then something glorious happened. A Wal-Mart Super Center opened up in a location near me. It was around 2 am, and I needed to make an after-midnight run in search of must-have marshmallows & chocolate chips. I was converted! My "Indoor S'Mores" would be resurrected, thanks to Wal-Mart! I must clarify that while Tar-jay and Kohl's remain my favorite discount retailers and Dick's my #1 grocer, I am a part-time Wal-Martisan...but only "after hours". Oh - and for the record - I ALWAYS wear a bra!

7) I enjoy "different" foods. For example, I love slightly salted stewed tomatoes! Yum! I was first introduced to this tasty "treat" during cafeteria lunch at Middlebury Elementary. I loved the stewed tomatoes so much, I used to trade other kids their tomatoes for my dessert! Weird, I know. I also just happen to love PB & Pickle sandwiches, deli sandwiches with crushed up potato chips in the middle, and grilled cheese with thinly sliced apples on the inside. Oh, and Mac & Cheese is also totally awesome with a spoonful of salsa mixed in. Ooh - and something that just makes my glands salivate and mouth pucker? Dill Pickle Chips! Now those are freakin awesome!

8) My dream job is to be a High School Choir Director. Not that this should come as a surprise to anyone...but it's not exactly the "dream job" people strive for. I love music. I love singing. I love choral singing. Even more so, I love conducting. It's like a work of art for me. And hearing the 4-part harmony come back to me, well that is just the reward. Maybe I'll get to go back to school and finish my day.

9) Here are my favorite TV Shows, and my favorite "dirty" TV shows that I love to watch: "Seinfeld", "The Office", "Desperate Housewives" (1st & 2nd season), "Dirty, Sexy, Money", "High School Reunion", "Men in Trees", "Brothers & Sisters", "Eli Stone", "Samantha Who?", "Pushing Daisies", "The New Adventures of Old Christine", "Carpoolers", "Journeyman", "The Riches" (1st season), and "Private Practice". (Can you guess which ones are the "dirty" ones? I know...Shame on Me.) I am secretly looking forward to the new Fall Season...perhaps there will be some new "dirty" shows to add to my list. Hahaha.

10) I shave my Feet! Eww - Gross, I know. But, it isn't like I have TONS of unruly hair bursting from my podalic apendages, causing me to "mow" everyday or anything. It's just that occassionally I notice a few little hairs sprouting from the tops of my toes or feet. And well, it's a little unsightly, so I shave!

11) I love to travel. I love to take road trips. I love to make lists. I love to plan itineraries. I love to map out my route. I love the packing, and I even love the driving. I love eating the junk food on the way. I love it when the entire carload breaks into song. I love the scenery. I love to fly by plane too, in spite of a little anxiety. I love when they call for my "boarding zone". I love the hum of the aircraft, and even the airline food! Places I would love to visit: Alaska, Cancun, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Caribbean, Belgium, Tahiti, and anywhere else in the US I haven't been to yet.

12) I am an emotional person. I realize my family won't be surprised by this little "revelation". But, I think that most others view me simply as the facetious, obnoxious gal that never shuts up. One of those fancy-schmancy high-tech "color personality tests" said I was a "Yellow", and that I use humor as a facade; to hide the fact that I am actually a sensitive person. PrettyPrettyPrincess can attest to this. Not only do I cry during sappy movies or TV shows, but I even cry at the not-so-sappy (I think I was the only one that cried during Dan In Real Life). I cry when they announce the Miss America Pageant Winner. I cry when I hear the Star Spangled Banner or the Pledge of Allegiance. I even broke into tears once just looking at the mountains. And don't even get me started talking about my life or struggles my family has gone through. I am a sap!

13) I enjoy Public Speaking. I know...this is just sick & wrong. And it isn't like I think I have anything great to say, or at least anything that would merit anyone listening. However, I must admit that public speaking gives me a rush I quite enjoy. I love researching a topic and writing about it. I love organizing the paragraphs and making sure they flow. I love implementing "new words" I have learned. And even though there is a split second of anxiety before reaching the podium, I love to share what I have studied and learned with an audience. It's like the next step... I mean, I enjoy writing, so speaking is like getting to publicly display what I have written. Again, I know...sick & wrong.

14) I love a cute bum! (Another Confession.) Some girls love a man's sensitive eyes. Some love muscular arms. Others love a strong jaw. Sure, all of those things are great. But I must admit - in fact, I couldn't deny it if I tried - I LOVE A CUTE BUM!!! Even better if he is showcasing his bum in a pair of fitted (but not too tight) jeans. Best, however, when wearing a pair of fitted, soft-brushed, corduroy camouflage pants. (Trust me...I've seen it.) Y-U-M-M-Y. (I told you some of these "secrets" were "dirty".)

15) I am a Blog-Hog! This should come as no surprise to ANY of you reading this. It's just cleansing for me to be able to admit it! What can I say??? I've already told you how much I enjoy writing! And y'all know how much I enjoy talking. So, if you and I were here right now...well, basically I blog about what I would be talking about. And what's the point of "talking" to yourself right? I love reading other people's blogs and commenting on them, and love it even more when they do the same in return. It's an insatiable thirst for Blog!

That being said, go ahead...Quench the Blog! Tell me what some of your "dirty" little secrets are! Or better yet - Blog about them and I'll be over for confessionals later!


ann said...

These are great! A lot of these are me to
walmart sucks!!!!! You are so right about the nasty people and the dirty store. I thought it was just the ones around here, But they are all like that!

Cereal could and has been ate for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

Hay I'm a water waster as well and not afraid to say it out loud!! sometimes you just can't help it!

I cry to at some of the weirdest things! Sometime jared will ask why are you crying again? I don't know is my answer!

okeydokeyifine said...

I am sooooo glad I have no faults or weaknesses.hahahahahahaha

Am I conceded? No, because that is a fault and I already told you that I have no faults.

So, like right now I am off to an appointment. But while I am driving I will contemplate the possibility of admitting to a few quirky things. No promises.

Meg said...

Those are awesome. We actually have a lot in common.

I love cereal and I shave my toesies.

Puphigirl said...

I love kids songs too. I love Tony Chestnut and Catalina Matalina.

Tara@From Dawn Till Rusk said...

I'm with you on the cereal. In fact when I was pregnant that is pretty much all I ate morning, noon and night! Even now if I fancy a midnight snack it will usually be Cornflakes with ice cold milk on.
Many thanks for visiting on my SITS day (sorry it's taking so long to return the visit). I just wanted to say I really appreciated your visit (and I love your 10 things I hate about you, by the way)

greenolive said...

well bumdigity! you should have taken a picture to share with the rest of us.

mrbusdr said...

Just an fyi that includes two of your secrets. I recently discovered that Pringles now has Dill Pickle chips and they are usually only available at WalMart. Hope you can wait till 2 AM!!

Blog Stalker said...

Great post, As long as it was I was dissappointed when I was done reading. Funny funny stuff. I think I see a confessional in an upcoming blog!

As far as WalMart goes, we have a love/hate relationship. I love a good deal but hate going there to get it. Tell me why there are 40 checkouts if you are only going to staff enough to use 5 of them?

Great post!