Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Proper Procrastination

What I Procrastinate

  • Laundry

  • Dishes

  • Organizing the Storage Room(s)/Spaces

  • Paperwork/Assignments

  • Trimming the Rose Bushes

  • Mowing the Lawn

Why I Procrastinate

  • Laundry isn't fun...seems to multiply...and there is a sock monster that eats just one of every type of sock

  • I do the dishes every other day...I hate "stationary" tasks

  • Storage Areas...too overwhelming...

  • I work best under pressure & deadlines.

  • It's hot outside! And too many thorns!

  • (see above) - It's hot outside! Besides, Mowing the Lawn is a "man's job"

How I Procrastinate

  • I spend time with the kiddies - gotta do the mom thing!

  • I "busy" myself with more important things...Recipe Club, Bunco Group, Stamp Camp, etc.

  • I complete projects on a whim (hey! the side entry needed to be painted)

  • I visit with friends and hone my social skills

  • I read a little of that book my friend gave me a few months back. Don't want to offend her!

  • I watch all the shows I have DVR'd in one setting

  • I go walking.

  • I work on Church assignments (I mean it's God, right?)

  • I spend time with Big-D. (Can't help it -- he's addicting)

  • I BLOG!!! (possibly the most important thing, after kids & my social life. Wait - maybe this IS my social life! - hehehe)

What I Never-Ever Procrastinate:

  • Showering/Brushing Teeth/Personal Hygiene

  • Spending money - If I ever have any, that is.

  • Chatting with friends

  • Answering emails

  • Helping someone else with their projects (always more fun)

  • Scrapbooking (only 5 mos behind, which I am told by other "scrappers" is NOT behind)

  • Anything already mentioned above in the "How I Procrastinate" section

  • Anything that sounds fun & exciting!!!

It's true. I am a self-proclaimed procrastinator! And you can be too, in just 4 simple steps! Cuz let's face it - Sometimes procrastinating is exactly the right thing to do right then and there.

  1. Procrastinate without guilt! Seriously, if you're gonna spend your time bemoaning the fact that you're procrastinating, it takes all of the fun out of it - plus it's just plain exhausting! So if you're gonna whine, just do the blasted task to begin with, and get over it!

  2. Become An A+ Procrastinator! If you're gonna procrastinate - do it right, give it your all, give it 110%

  3. Make Procrastination a Personal Choice. Choosing to do something else is not failure; it's simply choosing to do something else.

  4. Own it! When you are choosing to procrastinate - be willing to admit it! Don't make lame excuses! In fact, let those around you know what you're doing. This way, they will have lower expectations of you, and no one will be disappointed.

So, there! Procrastination is not bad in itself. Done right, it can even be a very rewarding experience! So, go ahead - pick something you don't want to do - and Procrastinate!!!

And, don't think I don't know what all of you over-achiever, anal-retentive, better-than-me moms are saying... "Sounds like fun! Maybe I'll start tomorrow."

Some people just gotta suck the life outta everything, don't they???


greenolive said...

I think I'm a natural at procrastinating.

ann said...

I'm procrastinate at paying the bills!!!!!!!! I hate paying them! and laundry I figure if I can't see it then its not there... right? i enjoy spending time doing anything else but chores! unless I'm in the mood then watch out!!!

Blog Stalker said...

Okay, I just added you to my Award Receipient list! I've only read the last two blogs from you and they have me rolling! You definitely deserve the award. Come to my blog and pick it up. Or you can wait till later.

Very well done, great post

Blog Stalker said...

Just been reading some of your older blogs. Turns out I found your blog once before and somehow didnt save it. That will not happen again.

heres to Laughing WITH you! (or at you. What, I'm being honest here.)

Ruthykins said...

i totally dig procrastinating. derek gets so mad at me when i promise him that something will get done, but it never does. basically things around here only get done when someone is coming over.

Puphigirl said...

I am a self proclaimed procrastinator. I am like ruthykins and too will promise something and not do it. I do a lot of, "Well, I was gonna..."

greenolive said...

wow puphigirl. I never knew you were a procrastinator too. the things we learn from these blogs. and I'm not being sarcastic.

Ruthykins said...

right greenolive, you're not being sarcastic at all. i'm sure you never noticed that about puphigirl when we've visited there.

greenolive said...

Well ruthykins, if you're refering to playing games and watching best of snl as procrastinating, then I guess I did know. But I thought those were just special occasions. I thought she was usually pretty on top of things.