Monday, October 3, 2011

Headlines: Two-Fer Dates, Exploding Clay, New Relationships and More!

FunnyMan ended up with 2 dates (sort of) for Homecoming this year. Pictures forthcoming.

I have been go-go-gadget-going to meet a deadline this weekend. Well, the deadline is officially today, but I was able to submit my writing over the weekend. Fingers crossed for an accepted submission, but if not, then I'll chalk it up to experience.

My ab muscle is on the mend. I've been doing 200 "soft" crunches just about every day to help new blood cells flow through that area, hopefully speeding up recovery. I am feeling much, much better. I even forget about the injury until I sneeze, roll over in the middle of the night, or attempt to engage in activity that directly uses that muscle.

Note to self: Next time you can't remember how much time to heat the "clay pouch" in the microwave for, google it. Exploding clay makes quite a mess.

Was supposed to be going out of town in a few weeks... thinking I might make a few minor adjustments to that plan.

Attending a 3-day conference towards the end of this week, and am really excited about that.

Was reminded yesterday that after struggles come the blessings. Hoping those come around the corner sooner or later. I've got some pending issues I would love answers to. :)

My fortune cookie recently told me to "Be prepared to welcome a new relationship soon." Okay... bring it. :)


Alice in Wonderland said...
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KiennaP said...

Oh, THAT'S what happened to the back pouch thingy. Haha, "Bring it on :)"

Susie said...

I hope the blessings come soon:-)

Average Joe said...

I believe it was the Supreme's who said "You Can't Hurry Love"

greenolive said...

For some reason I find it hard to read your brown letters on you brown wallpaper. Maybe I need my eyes checked because I didn't have a problem before.