Monday, August 22, 2011

The Beginning of an End

Today marks the beginning of an end of an era for each of my kids. It's the first day back to school.

FunnyMan is a Senior in High School.
LittleDuckling is an 8th grader.
PrettyPrettyPrincess is a 6th grader.

So -- they are each the "big cheese" on campus.

I am hoping that they will each do well this year and that we can get off on the right foot, starting the right habits. They each have their new backpacks, binders, pencils, notebooks and folders. Haircuts and new clothes/shoes have been put off since we just barely got back from our 12 day road trip and I will need to have another payday before that.

Last night I was wishing for some melatonin just so they could fall asleep easier (after pulling a plethora of all-nighters all summer long). Plus I am sure they were each a bit nervous this morning.

Keeping my fingers crossed for good reports this year!


Kaisievic said...

Good luck to the kids starting back at school.

Vickie said...

Yuck, I hate that first week of school. It is such a harsh awakening...even for me;)

Hope your kids did well for their first day:)