Monday, May 2, 2011

Hacking, Finals & Prom

I know these each probably deserve their own posts, but too tired. Haha.

Okay, first off -- Hacking and Computer Viruses. I think we've all dealt with this in some form or another. It's easy to detect if we get an email from someone we don't know and the subject line says something like "Viagra for $.99!" Delete, right? (Well, all except Robb Logger, I bet! haha).

Anyway -- but what about when the message in your inbox is seemingly from someone you know? And it usually DOESN'T have a subject line? Happens all of the time. So, in many cases you open it before realizing what it is. Usually these viruses are activated just by simply opening the email. And then it automatically copies your contacts list and generates the same email to all of your contacts.

The last way that email viruses seem to happen is that the email is from someone you may or may not know and DOES have a subject line; something obscure like, "Check out this pic I found of you!" And then you open it and there is a link for you to click on. As soon as you click that link, ~BAM~ virus.

So -- here are some things to remember:
1) If you see an email from someone you do not know, DELETE IT. DO NOT OPEN.
2) If you receive an email with nothing in the subject line, DELETE IT. DO NOT OPEN.
3) If there is an "odd" message with a link, DELETE IT. DO NOT OPEN.

AND FINALLY -- and here is one of the most important parts:
4) Change your email password ASAP.

And then send an email to your contacts with the subject line something like, "It looks like my email account was hacked" so that they know not to open the previous one, in case they haven't yet.

I know I am bad about this, but I have been trying to make sure that from now on when I send out an email I ALWAYS put a subject in the subject line. I am asking you to do the same. Chances are, if you send me an email with nothing in the subject line, I will just delete it without opening. So, if I don't show up to your birthday party, you'll know why. Haha.

~oh~ This is also true for Facebook and Facebook Private Messages and Wall Posts. Don't open things without subject lines. Don't click on odd links. And if you've been hacked, changed your FB password (and the password to the email address associated with it) as soon as possible.

~moving on~

Finals this week~ w00t! I have one MAJOR portfolio due today. A HUGE report due. A LONG theory exam tonight. And a SCARY recital on Friday! And THEN my dear readers I will be able to catch up on reading your blogs and commenting and posting new stuff on mine. Can't wait!

And lastly... My son went to Senior Prom a few weeks ago. They went to Buca di Beppo for dinner which they said was AWESOME! If you've never been to Buca it's a fun place (at least in my opinion) and the food is authentic. I don't know if they do this at all of the locations, but they do at this one... when your table is ready, the host takes your party through a quick kitchen tour so you can see where all of the magic happens. It's a bustling place and the chefs are a lot of fun. But there is also 1 big booth IN the kitchen; front and center. So, if you're lucky enough to get a reservation for that table, it's like having your own personal cooking show. Not only that, but all of the other groups who come through get to see you and be all jealous, Haha. The waiter takes extra special care of the kitchen table and the chefs show off each dish once it's prepared, including the desserts so you can ooh and ahh over it. Well, FunnyMan called and got THAT table. They had a blast. And now for your viewing pleasure, Prom Pictures!


Susie said...

What a great looking group!!!

Vickie said...

I am usually careful about what I open since we were smack with two icky virus a view years ago. But, I will put something in my subject line from now on.

Awe Prom...Funny Man looks so handsome!!

Puphigirl said...

I like the dress.

RhondaLue said...

What great pics, and memories! I was hacked somehow yrs ago but I don't even have an aol email account anymore and people still feel like they have to open any email that says Rhondalue in the email address. I try to tell them to LOOK and if it's it is NOT REAL and don't open it but all these yrs later ppl still keep reporting to me that I was hacked. No, that isn't even my email address. Bishop got some viagra ads from "me"..that was interesting. lol Good luck on all the finals!