Wednesday, April 20, 2011

It's About That Time

One of my dear friends posted on her blog just the other day about how she is going through some stuff but in choosing to be happy, she bites her tongue to keep from crying. She then asked if any of her followers/friends did the same thing. I replied,

"I don't do anything to keep from crying. I just cry...until I am done crying. Sometimes it takes a LONG time to be done crying. At one point in my life I went for a very long period wherein I felt like crying and DID nearly every day. I think it lasted for about four years."

It's true. I spent a lot of time secretly (and sometimes not-so-secretly) crying. It's how I relieve stress.

Usually (at LEAST) once per semester I have a major-minor meltdown. Usually it stems from feeling overwhelmed, lots going on at home and work, lots of projects and homework for school... and very, very, VERY little sleep. Did I mention no sleep makes me cry?

It's when I get to THAT point that just about ANYTHING will trigger the tears. Someone might look at me funny, or say something that rubs me the wrong way. Or perhaps I get frustrated over a mistake I've made. Heck -- it could be some sappy commercial or a sad story on the news. It could even be (and most often is) the simple inquisition, "What's wrong?" or "Are you okay?" If someone even so much as ASKS me that while I am feeling this way -- Game Over. Let the cry-fest commence!

So yes, dear readers. It's about that time. I can feel it. The headaches are daily. The sleep is practically non-existent. The feelings of loneliness seem to be magnified. The homework is overwhelming. The work, busy. I can tell it's about that time because I've had that "lump" in my throat for a few days now.

I almost lost it at the dentist earlier, but I think it's because they had to crank the Nitrous up a little bit more than normal. I had to take a nap during lunch just to sleep off the effects.

So, just know that if I'm crying over "nothing", it's all good. I really am okay. No need to feel sorry for me... it's just how I "cope". Another 2 weeks and the semester will be over and I will get a few weeks off before the Summer semester starts.

I suppose, worse case scenario, if I don't get the tears out by the weekend I'll put a sappy movie on before finals next week! haha!


RhondaLue said...

Hang in there Emma! I'm so glad summer is just a couple weeks away; it will be SUCH a relief!

I, too, will cry if someone asks how I am or if I'm okay when I'm right on the verge, I hate that! lol

greenolive said...

I think it's good to cry. I have been told I'm overly emotional, but when I talk about my family or special moments in my life I just can't help it. I don't see it as a weakness. I mean, I've also been told I'm a strong woman and I know you've also been told that deservedly so. This proves that crying is not a weakness but rather a way to cope so you can get the big things done.

Susie said...

Let it out and hang in there!

The Willeyes said...

You are awesome! Hang in there...and cry if you need too :) Heck, call me and I'll come cry with you!