Thursday, November 4, 2010

"It's in the Boofa!"

Recap of last night.

Arrived home from school, after acing my exam, which I will post more about tomorrow. Sent texts to summon children home. Younger two are dropped off by their faddah. Oldest one does not reply.

Sent second summoning to oldest. Does not reply. Second summoning soon followed by threat, which induces a response of, "Sorry. Had to retrieve my cell phone from [the girl's] sofa. Be right home."

Me. Thinking of 1 Million and 1 ways his phone could have gotten "lost" in her sofa. None of them good, mind you.



Susie said...

Oh no! Hang on for that ride!!

The Willeyes said...

Oh boy!

Rob said...

I expect it is very likely they were cleaning up around her place. Very likely they were vacuuming the sofa and the phone became lost. I was young once and remember a lot of action on the couch, and most of it inspired by cleanliness.

Hope that sets your mind at ease.

EmmaP said...

thanks, Rob... thanks for "setting my mind at ease." I owe ya one! =D

Megan said...

Oh to be a teen again. heehee

Puphigirl said...

He has loose pockets and his phone fell out while sitting there watching a movie.