Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Attention Whoredom

I'm not gonna lie. I lubbers attention.

I'm humble enough to admit that I like attention. Although I have always been a writer and will always be a writer, writing is more fun when I know there are readers. Although I have always been a talker and will always be a talker, my stories are much more fun to tell when I have an audience. Besides, there are times when I am just too witty and clever to keep it to myself, haha!

As a "Yellow" personality, I am motivated by fun, and I "need" attention. It's true. Yes, I also happen to need food, water, shelter and clothing. But I NEED attention as well.

I get it that not everyone is a "talker" or a "sharer". But I am. I have this need. Being able to share with someone is a way I can unwind.

Sometimes, when I haven't been able to "share" I start to feel a little stir crazy. I remember once I just wanted to tell someone -- ANYONE -- my good news. I called my friend. No Answer. I called my other friend. No answer there either. I called 3 of my sisters AND my mom. Ring-ring. No Answer. Voice Mail. Voice Mail. Ugh. I think I actually stuck my tongue out at one of them when I got the voice mail. Haha.

Some people might call this a character flaw. However, my counselor used to tell me it is healthy to be able to admit characteristics of our personality to ourselves. This is good because when we truly understand how we function and why we function, we can then better manage our behavior. For example, because I know that I am a talker, I make a conscientious effort to include others and ask how their day is going, and so on and so forth. So, yes. I feel just fine in admitting I am an attention whore.

Don't believe me? THIS is how much I need attention.

Case Study #1:
As a child, if everyone else was too busy to play with me, I'd lock myself in the bathroom and "write" commercials and then "perform" them to myself in front of the mirror. I'm not gonna lie... I was a pretty clever kid. :P

Case Study #2:
There is a lady in one of my classes who is clearly pitching for the other team. She also clearly knows I don't swing that way. Nevertheless, she calls me "hun" and "sweetie". And I admit, that I choose to sit by her. Partly because she is a very nice lady and funny as all get-out. But also in part because, as I mentioned before, I lubbers attention!

That being said, I should also mention that I enjoy giving others attention too. It doesn't always have to be about me. I like to make others feel special and important too. :)

What about you? Are there any others of you out there who subscribe to Attentiondom too? Or are at least willing to admit it? :)


I really liked that cookie said...

Oh I am... that's why I have to comment everything I read... sad!? haha

The Willeyes said...

The first step is admitting you have a problem :) Just kidding! That's why we love you!

Susie said...

I am with you Sister! It's nice to be in the presence of a fellow attention whore:-)

RhondaLue said...

See, what is interesting about me is that I HATE attention. In fact, every week in Relief Society they call out the birthdays for that week. Everyone looks at you and smiles when your name is read.

I stayed home that Sunday because I didn't want anyone to look at me. Seriously!

HA! I'm so ridiculously OPPOSITE of you in that sense. BUT, get me in a room with a few people I trust and like and can be myself w/o worry of being judged...and yah, attention is just fine. :)

Something else that is interesting, I am drawn to attention whores. Maybe I admire that in them because I don't have that, I dunno...but most of my favorite people are the ones that invite attention.