Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Who Knew Laundry Could Be So Entertaining?

The Scene just before Labor Day Weekend:

Me - trying to wash a mountain of laundry, getting ready for road trip.
Teenage boy - calling me from study group wanting to stay and hang with friends.
Middle son - complaining and NOT wanting to go on road trip.
Daughter - keeping Granddad entertained :)
Granddad - laughing and marveling at the "chaos".

I told FunnyMan he had to pack before he went to hang out with friends. He rushed home to "hurry and pack" and he brought a GIRL with him! Well, not just ANY girl. He brought THE girl. The Girl he had asked to Homecoming. The Girl that he is sort of having a little fling with. The Girl that has been occupying much of his time away from home lately. Yeah, THAT girl.

I was a bit mortified at first. He did not WARN me he was bringing anyone home with him. Here I was, feeling a bit like a sweaty pig from the loads of laundry I had been washing and folding all day, just dying for a shower, the front room looking like we're moving or getting ready for a garage sale or something and he brings someone over? My hair was a complete mess and I am pretty sure I wasn't even wearing a BRA!

But how could I be upset? She is so danged cute with her giggles and smiles. So, she sat while I continued to fold and pack and FunnyMan proceeded to run around gathering his things for the trip. I give him orders to take his clean laundry piles down to his room and put them away and the next thing I know he is pulling the underpants from his BROTHER'S piles.

"Those aren't yours," I say.

"I like these ones better," he argues.

"Let me see those," I reply, snatching them to get a better look at the waistband. "These aren't yours," I say again. "Yours are medium. These are large. These are LittleDucklings."

Now, at this point The Girl starts to giggle and FunnyMan does a little nervous laugh. "But I like these ones," he retorts. "They're... roomier." To which The Girl laughs again.

"Exactly," I reply. "That's why they are your brother's. You're smaller than him."

Now -- when I said that, it's because his younger brother is built differently. They probably weigh about the same, although I think LittleDuckling might weigh a little more. He is just a little heftier, while FunnyMan is a scrawny thing. I said it meaning WAIST size.

Nevertheless, that isn't the connotation it held once I said it. And of course we all had a good laugh at that. I think he may have even turned a little red.

Serves him right, though. He's the one who brought The Girl over without Warning. :)

Who knew folding laundry could be so entertaining?


Susie said...

LOL!! I think you are right! He deserved that one after the suprise guest:-)

Two Blessings From Above said...

Great and very entertaining post!:) Have a wonderful road trip!

Holli and Billy said...


okeydokeyifine said...

did he leave a pair of grey ones at my house? Will the real owner please speak up?

Cassie the Sassie Lassie said...

Have a great trip! We love embarrassing my brothers because they leave their underwear out ALL THE TIME!!!! Is that the girl that lives down my street? The one that asked him out on a date first?

Ruthykins said...

oh. snap. that is hilarious! i soooo wish i could have seen that whole scene!

Charlotte said...

Oooh. Unintentional Mom-burn. That is hilarious!

Puphigirl said...