Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The New Babies

Taken late at night with my camera phone... so the quality isn't the best.

The one on the left is Sadie and the one on the right is Jasper...
Sadie is saying "hello". She is definitely the more outgoing kitty. She also likes to "boss" Jasper around. hahaha!
The like to play in the window together before bedtime... the car lights zooming by provides quite the entertainment.
My Jasper is a little nervous-nelly. Sort of shy too, but a GREAT cuddler.

Sadie snuggles in PrettyPrettyPrincess's room. She was this calm for all of 2 seconds! HAHA! We call her spider-kitty sometimes because she leaps and jumps and climbs all over and she is speedy!
When they wear each other out they like to snuggle.
Snuggling on PrettyPrettyPrincess's bed.

I know, I know. I have always said I am not much of a "cat person". This is true. However, if you remember last year I had a visit from a little mouse and all of his relatives. I am not much of a mouse person either :) I do not hope to ever have a mouse again and these will be my mouse traps! Although, more likely what will happen is Jasper will see a mouse and whine about it and Sadie will catch and torture it. Either way ... as long as any potential mice understand that they are not welcome here :)

Oh - also Sadie is PrettyPrettyPrincess's early birthday gift. Hopefully Sadie will be a great pet that she can have even to the point she starts college.


The Willeyes said...

I'm not really a cat person either, but they are sure cute :)

Susie said...

So sweet:-)

Charlotte said...

Awww... they are too adorable! I really like the names you came up with too. May you be blessed with many non-scratchful hours of cuddling and much entertainment.

Holli and Billy said...

Nothing cuter than a kitten... except maybe 2 kittens :)

Deborah said...

Haha, welcome to the dark side! I always thought I wasn't much of a cat person, until we adopted two kittens. (I wanted a dog but didn't want to confine one to our apartment.) Now I wonder how I ever could have said I wasn't a cat person.