Monday, September 27, 2010

Not Me Monday

It is NOT Monday... time to tell you about all of the things I did NOT do or say this past week.

I did NOT go to school as usual, and I did NOT have tons of homework and I did NOT get to ride public transportation with someone really smelly one night. I did NOT almost gag, and have to turn my head and I did NOT feel like the stench was filling my nostrils and then attaching itself to my clothing so much so that I did NOT have to shower as soon as I got home!

I did NOT already mention in a previous post about the cake balls I made and I will NOT be posting a recipe on my other recipe blog for those! I do NOT love me some tasty balls!

I did NOT eat TONS of corn on the cob as I so totally do NOT love fresh sweet corn! I also did NOT get tons of fresh fruits and I did NOT have the best tasting tomatoes this week than I have had in a long time.

I did NOT help my oldest son prepare for his homecoming dance and I did NOT take tons of pics and I did NOT pack him and his date and friends a picnic for a sunset dinner at the park before the dance. I will NOT be posting TONS of pics tomorrow, cuz I am NOT like that ;)

I did NOT bring home two little kitties this past week and they are NOT just so adorable. And I do NOT lubbers them, even though I have NOT claimed in the past to dislike the feline species. One of the kitties is NOT an early birthday gift for PrettyPrettyPrincess and the other was not a wee bit gimpy from birth and he did NOT melt my heart so much so that I quickly offered to take him too. Their names are NOT Sadie and Jasper and I will also NOT be showing them off later this week too!

So... what did you NOT do this week?


Susie said...

We did NOT finish that pergola we have been working on:-)

RhondaLue said...

We did NOT also do the homecoming thing and we did NOT put up 7 teenagers on top of our own 6 kids this weekend. I do NOT enjoy the company of fun kids very much. ;)

okeydokeyifine said...

I did not start to paint the house with only the trim remaining and I did not let hubby join me in the fun. I did not give the lesson at the prison and feel like I can ever do it justice. I did not miss my sweetheart as he left early for his week (sunday). I did not think about you and the others and did not say a "thankyou" for the children and a prayer for guidance. I did not eat stuff off my diet. And no was was surprised.

Ruthykins said...

i did NOT think that both your felines were female. and i am NOT worried about my son, since he does NOT seem to have some kind of chest cold.