Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sunday Sentiments: Family Dinner

It seems ever since I have gone back to school we just don't eat dinner as a family anymore. Kids are whisked off to their dad's a lot so I can have some quiet time, or they have other activities that we are in a hurry for. Additionally, I hate my dining room. In the winter it is too cold and in the summer it is too hot. So, when we do eat dinner together, it is often around the kitchen snack bar. Anyway, it's something I definitely need to do better on and want to do again.

Mostly, I just think it is a great bonding time for the family; good tradition, etc. But check out one or all of these videos and learn what studies show about dinner with the family.

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Puphigirl said...

Many times, though we are eating dinner as a family, it is in front of the TV. I need to make the effort to have it at the table. Maybe we need to eat a little earlier before the good TV shows start.