Monday, August 16, 2010

Monday with Mary Margaret

So recently I won a goody package over at {{Kaye Kaye's Blog}} and scored all of this:

How cool is that?!?!?! (by the way, check out the upper left corner of the magazine... Yes. Yes she totally DID accidentally mail me her key FOB! hahaha!)
BUT... here is the thing I cherish the most from the package:

Yep... it's a letter from Butler Manor's very own teenager Mary Margaret. To her I am the crazy, funny lady that blogs. This child, knowing that I have been through heartache a time or two, sent me a list of her "Rules for Dating". Seriously, this chica could have her own talk show; totally cracks me up.

Please fasten your seatbelts and keep all hands and legs inside until this ride has come to a complete stop. Here we go....!

Mary Margaret's Rules for Dating:

1) He has to be a good person...doesn't matter if he is fat or ugly, tall or short. It only matters for who he is.

2) NEVER let a guy say you need to lose weight. And if he doesn't like you for who you are, he is no good.

3) Never EVER let him say perverted things to you or your parents or about them. It's just so wrong; he is no good.

4) The best kind of birth control is to put an aspirin between your knees and hold it.

5) If you find out he's cheating, he is no good.

6) Guys should ALWAYS pay so you won't be broke.

7) Make SURE you got a guy that brushes his teeth.

8) Slow dancing is a plus :)

9) CUTE! (wait... what happened to #1? tee hee)

10) Funny -- he must be worth hanging out with! =D

Love you!
Mary Margaret

Quite frankly, I think she's got this nailed down, don't ya think? Kaye Kaye, you've done a great job with her! Thanks again for the goodies!!! :)


Susie said...

I think she has covered all the bases:-)

The Blonde Duck said...

I agree with every rule!

Kaye Butler said...

What's up with the chinese junk? That's my girl! One of her boyfriends said to me once..."Bet u wish Tims ---- was that big". And then as if that wasn't enough...he tells me one night..."I'm more man than you've ever had!" That would be the where the perverted stuff comes from!

M & M said...

I have a lot of experience in all that stuff!!! There's a lot more where that came from! Like...I want to be friends...not a good sign. And the friends thing never works! U crack me up crazy lady! Stick with me!!!!:):)

The Willeyes said...

She's very smart...and funny too. Wait, sounds like someone else I know :)

Tulsi said...

LOVE the birth control. Might have to use that one. She's been dating a while, but it's never to late to add new rules!!