Saturday, August 14, 2010

Six Word Saturday

What color do you "see" me?


Anonymous said...
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Puphigirl said...

Hmm, usually when I see you, you are wearing black or dark brown. So those are the first two colors that come to mind. But, I will think on this some more.

Ruthykins said...

red. the go-get'em type. that's how i think of you. a leader. i think you should wear red more often. with your skin tone you could probably pull off tomato reds. i can't wear those. anyway, i know that when i envision you i see you in something black or brown, but as a stick in the crayon box you are red. but seriously, wear red. it would look great on you as long as it's a yellow based red and not a blue based one. call me if you have any questions. i love to talk about wearing red.

Debbi said...

Em. Love you to bits... but you have seven words there! LOL

I see you as yellow. Not because when I am near you, my complextion is TOTALLY off... but because yellow is a happy colour. And even when you aren't really that happy, you find a way to make others happy around you.

Like Sunshine.

And Daisies! :)
And bananas...mmmm..potasium

Cassie the Sassie Lassie said...

I would have to say like an 'aquamarine', because it can be very lively and/or calm, but at the same time goes well with other colors, i.e. brown, black, pink, green... You just go with the flow!

Susie said...

Red? Your blog is all red:-)

EmmaP said...

@ debbi... thanks! i fixed it... all better now!

KiennaP said...

Chocolate-brown,for sure! And maybe also Aqua Marine like what Cassie the Sassie Lassie said. But really brown for sure. I would say one of these three colors: Chocolate-brown, Red, Aqua Marine.

Aqua Marine: I got this from Cassie the Sassie Lassie,it can be very lively and/or calm, but at the same time goes well with other colors.

Brown: Your eyes are dark brown, Your hair is brown, You are sweet, like chocolate, or like brown sugar. Brown is a color that goes good with many things, such as blue, red, yellow, white, etc. You just go with the flow.

Red: You have Red on your blog. Like I mentioned in brown, Red and Brown go good with each other, and your blog colors are red and brown. Plus, strawberries covered in chocolate are sweet also and are red & brown. Also, Like Ruthykins said, Wear red more often, I agree with her, you look good in red. You are such a leader!

(Wow this is a long comment!)

greenolive said...

When Ruth said red the image of you modeling off your red swimsuit came to mind. So I'll have to agree with Red. Plus red represents love. Red is bold. I am curious what color you consider yourself though. Come on, OUT WITH IT!!!!