Saturday, January 3, 2009

Order Up!

Time for a Food Confessional. Do you order the same thing at restaurants or are you one of those "risk-takers" that likes to try something new? If i find something I like, then I am one that tends to stick with it. If we go to girls night, and someone mentions ordering take-out, I already know what I want, because it never changes. So, just for fun... here's my list of "regulars".

(I don't usually eat fast food, but if/when I do, here is what I order)

McDonalds - a quarter pounder w/ cheese
Burger King - Jr. Whopper w/ Cheese & onion rings
Taco Bell - 2 crunchy Tacos supreme
Subway - 6" turkey/ham, honey mustard, onions, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles on honey oat
Arby's - Plain Roast Beef w/ extra Arby-Q sauce, small curly fries
Fazoli's - "lite" spaghetti, side salad and slice of cheesecake
Wendy's - Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger & kid size frosty ($.49!)
A&W - Cheese Curds (deep fried and oh-so-greasy), and *DIET* root beer (ha ha!)

Other Restaurants (some not national chains)
Wingers - sticky finger wrap
Joyluck - PonPon Shrimp
PeiWei - Edamame, Beef & Broccoli bowl
Applebees - Bruschetta Burger OR Chicken Fajita Con Sizzle
Chili's - Salmon w/ garlic butter sauce
Iggy's - Cheese Enchilada Platter OR Fish & Chips
California Pizza Kitchen (CPK) - Margarhita Pizza
Z*Tejas - Fish Tacos
Cafe Rio - Chicken Salad, no rice, no chips, black beans, house dressing, medium salsa
Bajio's - Shrimp Tacos, no rice, black beans, medium salsa
Costa Vida - Cheese Enchiladas OR Chicken Burrito, no rice, black beans, medium salsa
Biaggi's - Butternut Squash Ravioli (9 times out of 10)
Market Street Broiler/Grille - Fish & Chips, cup of chowder
Red Lobster - Anything with Lobster Tail (whatever the specials are)
Olive Garden - Stuffed Shells
Outback Steakhouse - Sirloin steak w/ steamed veggies
Happy Sumo - California Roll (sushi) & Tempura Veggies

That's about all I can think of for now. What about you? What are your "tried & true's"?

p.s. - don't think I always go out to eat. Usually only when I have gift cards, a special occasion or if someone else is paying. Lol!


Ruthykins said...

i like the idea of someone else paying. sign me up! i like to get the fiesta lime chicken at applebees. basically, whatever restaurant i go to i get some kind of chicken. except the other day at sizzler i took a risk and got bacon wrapped steak. it was really good.

Betty said...

We only have McD. and Burger KIng here that would be familiar for you and there I always have my Big Mac.
But I am a person who does not try out to many new dishes. Usually I´m just a "meat and potatoes" kind of girl... :)

Cindy said...

I tend to go in spurts. I usually order the same thing for quite awhile. The only time it seems I try new stuff is on a cruise. If I don't like it, I can send it back and get something new!

greenolive said...

I usually get a Double cheeseburger with extra pickles at McD's and the same thing as you from BK. At Olive Garden I get the soup, salad, and breadsticks with the Suppa Tuscana. The only other place that I go is Hacienda which you don't have out there but I get cheese soup and fried ice cream.

andrea said...

Gee, thanks I'm hungry for a big greasy burger;)

RhondaLue said...

I love me some tx roadhouse! Do they have those by you? I used to always get a steak, baked potatoe and salad. then I switched things up and now I always get the fall off the bone ribs basket with loaded fries and ranch dressing.

I pretty much stick with what I like because every time I try something new I wish that I hadn't!

Garcias: pollo fundido
Mi Amigos: bean and cheese burro
Macayos: green corn tamale (yum!)
Olive Garden: Chicken alfredo

I pretty much like mexican more than anything else. Hate chilis, applebees, and places like that.

purplehaze said...

I usually like to get the same thing if I have found something I really like. I am not much of a risk taker, but once in a while I will try something new. I love Chili's mushroom burger so I usually order that, I tried there chicken fried steak one time and didn't care for the way they made it! If I go to the olive garden I will try something different their food is so yummy!

Mrs. S said...

I hate you.

But not really.

I just want costa vida so bad i think my life depends on it.

PS im tried and true.

Anna said...

If i'm paying... I stick to the regular things I like.... If someone else is paying then I am a lot more likely to try new things.... That ways if it is gross I don't feel like I wasted my own money... Italian.... I love anything with a fattening butter and garlic sauce.... Fast food I like a burger with everything on it. I love the mustard and the onions.... and everything else with it. I don't like French fries... okay I like them at Arctic Circle but that is it... otherwise I love onion rings. That's about it.. oh, and I love a good Red Robin Chocolate Malt.

hollibilly said...

You made me hungry...

dddiva said...

I used to always get the same thing- now I try to get at least one new thing except at fast food places- there's not a lot I care for so that's usually just if I start getting a hungry headeache and that's all that is convenient.
My very favorite thing to get out though is a turkey club on wheat mayo on the side.
Oh and the rare times we go to IHOP we like the chicken florentine crepe.

Paige said...

Oh hell yes, I always eat the same thing.

Just today, I had McDs--where I get the to hamburger deal, with no onions--so they make it hot every time. Mm mmmm good.

You know what happens that pissed me off at places like chilis? I get in love with something and they take it off the dang menu. That is hard on a girl with food issues, who is borderline OCD!

The Willeyes said...

I switch it up sometimes, but for the most part I eat about the same things...i haven't figured out how to get someone else to pay for it yet though:)

Jackie said...

I order the same things everywhere. In fact, at our local Quiznos, but the time I get through the line to order, they already have my sub ready 'cause I get the same thing every time. Hey, I tell my husband (who tries everything) that I like what I like and I'll eat the same thing 'til I don't like it anymore.