Thursday, January 1, 2009

Little Girls, Apple Pancakes, New Years & Xanax

"Last year we did it! Come on, please???" were the pleas from 3 whiny little voices at my house. "Fine," I succumb. "But you must clean your rooms and get your chores done." Next came the Happy Dances, the hoots and hollers. It was official.

New Year's Eve Party: My house.

After Christmas, I started to think myself, "Did I really do it? Did I really say yes?" Then one of the kids would ask a question regarding the menu or the activities for the event and I would grunt and think, "Yes. I really did say yes. This is really going to happen."

Then a few things changed...

FunnyMan starts to say something like, "The Friend-Girl Called. She's planning a New Years-"
"Great!" I cut him off. "Go to HER party!"

About 6 less kids to worry about.

LittleDuckling becomes sad, because his 2 best buds cannot come. 1 had other family plans, and the other - well - let's just say that sassin' your mama before New Year's Eve does not get you to a New Year's Eve Party now, does it? And since he is on winter break from school and doesn't have their phone numbers, LittleDuckling has "No One Else" to invite. Awwwww. Poor thing. My heart breaks for you, truly it does.

Well, ok, maybe not. I told him it did, but on the inside I was thinking, "Awesome. 2 less kids to entertain!"

That just left PrettyPrettyPrincess. All of her guests responded in the affirmative. So that meant 4 little gals to party the night away.

I cunningly ask Big-D if he had plans for New Year's Eve and if not, would he like to come hang out with me? "Um, gee, let's see. Let me check my schedule," he replies jokingly. "New Year's Eve... Got nothing! Looks like I'm free!" "Great," I respond. "Oh and by the way my daughter is having a bunch of her little friends over."

The girls played air hockey and decorated gingerbread cookies and ate snacks and watched movies. We actually moved the air hockey table into her room before the guests got there so the "mess" could be contained all in one room. Except for the cookies. I did make them decorate those in the kitchen.

LittleDuckling, Big-D & I spent the evening playing a few rounds of Scattergories, Sorry!, and watched a T-Vo'd episode of Corner Gas before counting down to 2009!
I let the girls stand on the porch at midnight in their jammies and blow their loud party horns and share their excitement with all the neighbors too!

I had them in bed by 12:30 am. I, myself, took a Xanax!
Then I got up this morning and made apple pancakes and hot cocoa complete with marshmallows and whipping cream! (I'll post a recipe for this soon)


Cindy said...

Happy New Year!
Gingerbread and Pancakes, mmmm, you are the bestest Mom :)

Ruthykins said...

can i come to your house next new year's eve?

Ruthykins said...
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TravAndToni said...

Happy New Year!

Your son's friend was so upset that he was out of town for the Friend-Girl's party.

Sounds like PrettyPrettyPrincess had a wonderful party. How in the world did you get them to bed by 12:30?? I'm amazed! Don't ask your kids how late they end up staying awake when they spend the night over here... I'm embarassed.

My word, those pancakes look like they'd be worth dying for.

hollibilly said...

Dang... I should have come to your party.

RhondaLue said...

That settles it!! You **ARE** the best mom evahhhhh!!

We've done teen late night parties but only a couple have ever been on New Years Eve, and not for a couple of years either!

Big D is a major good sport, that's for sure! ;) (and lucky pretty princess too, sounds like fun!)

Mrs. S said...

Sounds like fun! haha!

Happy new year!

pinkelephant said...

You are so brave. The pancake looks so good! Yum yum.

Sabrae Carter said...

You are offically my new HERO! I would have died! lol

Megs said...

and i wasn't on pretty pretty princesses guest list? Tell her I'm coming next year.

purplehaze said...

Happy New Year! Sounds like prettyprettyprincess made out with her little friends over how fun!

Tamie said...

oh yum and oh fun! we did not let the kidd-os stay up until the wee-hours (i'm not sure that I should have stayed up either....)
happy new year's to you!