Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Email Exchange Between 11 Year-Old Cousins

Recently, I went looking for some pictures I know I posted online about 5 or 6 years ago.  I was always told "once it's in cyberspace, it's out there for good."  Wrong.  Or at least I can't find them anywhere.  They were originally posted on my personal MSN "spaces" page, which was later changed to Windows Live, and then eventually shut down.  I thought perhaps I also posted these pictures on MySpace.  But, alas, I can't seem to remember my login & password (does anyone even still use MySpace?).  So, I began to scour my old hotmail account.  While doing so, I came across this little email exchange between my oldest son and his cousin (both about age 11 at the time).  Apparently, neither had their own email accounts back then and had to write via mine & my sister's email accounts.

Without further adieu...

ZAC:  "Keenan, what do you want for Christmas?"

KEENAN: "Dear Zac, as you know many people want many things for Christmas, that's why you get presents not one present. But what I would really really enjoy having for Christmas is a puggle. A puggle is a mix of a pug dog with a beagle dog. It looks almost exactly like a pug exept it's face isn't sqaushed, so it doesn't have the breathing problems a normal pug would. But other than that I want Star Wars Battle Front2 the Xboxgame, Lego Star Wars Xboxgame, the movie Star Wars   ep. three Revenge of the Sith, I know I'm a Star Wars freak. The funny shirt saying: Simon Says You Suck, the Kids Next Door Xboxgame, but most importantly I want $300,000,000.00, but if not I'll take the ten buck prise. That's all I could think of What I want for Christmas. Hey I'm writing and illustrating new comics called: Bumholio The Ninja. (Bum-hole-ee-oh) Bumholio is a ninja who learns the martial art of Kung-Pu. Anyways what are you going to be for Halloween. You must have decided by now. That goes for all of you in your house. Goodbye from Keenan."

Haha...  well, it made me laugh anyway.  He was always quite the character!

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Jonathan Plowman said...

I have those video games, and they're among my favorites. Smart kid! =)