Saturday, February 11, 2012

Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes

Over the course of the past few weeks, I haven't slept very much.  Not that I'm a good sleeper anyway, as you all well know.  But it seems to have been more restless than normal. (Here is where I save you the trouble of telling me which meds to try...  Melatonin doesn't work for me.  Ambien puts me to sleep, but then I'm wide awake 2-3 hours later.  The other one (Lunesta?  I can't remember), including the OTC sleeping aids, makes me feel groggy too long the next day.  Xanax I LOVE, and it works, but I take sparingly because I only get so many refills for so few pills per month.)

Anyway -- I am a tosser and a turner.  And probably will be until my life settles down (will it ever settle down?).   I just can't seem to turn my mind off, or get comfortable long enough to turn my mind off.  I've got all sorts of things going on, which I know all of you already know about.  Being a mom to kids, working a full-time job, being a 3/4-time student, actively involved in my church and the local "mid-singles" group (aka, my "social life"), and the gym, when I can squeeze it in.   So, needless to say, I'm always go-go-gadget-going.

Also over the course of the past two weeks, my body feels like it's falling apart a little.  My right knee is always achy.  But then my left knee decided to join in.  I threw my shoulder out and could barely move it for days.  Then I got a kink in my left shoulder causing tension in the base of my neck, leading to a migraine.  And then I woke up yesterday with a stiff neck on the right side!

I'm not writing all of this as if to say, "Wo is me... poor me... feel sorry for me!"  I realized yesterday that my body is trying to keep up with my mind and due to my malnourished sleep-life, it can't do it anymore.  I need to find ways to relax, and more often.  I thought about the last time I slept really well, and it was when I was getting weekly massages.

Because of the whole cost factor, I probably won't go back to weekly massages.  However, just like when I bought my new mattress set last year, I think I need to look at massages as an investment to my health.  For reals...  I started visiting my chiropractor again last week and while he's been putting me back together, I really do think I need regular massages to keep me going.

I think there is something very healing about massages, and not just because it relaxes the body.  But for me, it helps me clear my mind, and slow my thoughts down so I can actually process them at a pace that makes sense.  Wouldn't you agree that's worth it?

If only insurance companies would agree.


Puphigirl said...

Well, Valentine's is coming up, maybe your beau could get that as a gift for you.

KiennaP said...

I'm sorry. You could always soak in a nice warm bath. of course our bath tub is small but it's better than nothing, right?

Cassie said...

YOGA!!!! Yoga yoga yoga!!!! I LOVED yoga, and it can help you relax, as well as 'saving' you a trip to the gym-it is technically considered a work out. You can buy DVDs online and do it at home-you don't even have to be flexible! You can adjust to what your body can do (I am NOT flexible at all, and I love it!). Just a suggestion :)

KiennaP said...

How 'bout a hot tub?? I wish!

Average Joe said...

T'ai Chi or Chi Gung breathing techniques work every time to get me settled down. Sometimes I have to do one set sometimes I have to do more but it is five minutes well spent.