Monday, February 20, 2012

Not Me Monday

It has NOT been a long time since I've posted a Not-Me-Monday post (NOT since December 20, 2010 - to be exact).

I have NOT been revisiting my Blog and feeling like I miss the "old" blogging me who did NOT used to seem to have more time to NOT blog.  Therefore, I decided it was NOT time to give a little mouth-to-mouth and revive Not-Me-Mondays.  (If you're the new kid on the block, "Not-Me-Mondays" are posts that may or may NOT confess the things that have recently occurred in my life.  Don't worry, you'll catch on -- or NOT.)

This past week I did NOT finally start to feel a little bit more relaxed with a few of my classes this semester and did NOT finally start to see the proverbial light at the end of that long, winding tunnel.  I did NOT try a new Fruit Dip recipe (which I did NOT happen to find on Pinterest, because I do spend time on Pinterest).  The dip was NOT Orange Creamsicle and is NOT 1 tub of cool whip, 1 pkg dry instant vanilla pudding mix and as much (or as little) frozen orange juice concentrate to desired creamsicle taste.  The dip was NOT for a fun party with fun people and "funner" games!  I did NOT enjoy lunch and/or dinner with a dude on more than one occassion and I certainly did NOT go to Walgreens the day after Valentine's Day to buy up their remaining stock of Russell Stover's Dark Chocolate Covered Marshmallow Hearts for 25 cents a piece (on clearance), because that would be insane, and I am NOT crazy like that.

Also this past week I did NOT finally go and get that long-awaited massage I had been whining about, I did NOT sit down with a friend to plan our joint-family mini-summer-vacay to the Upper NorthWest and above all, I certainly did NOT hang out at Desperate Housewife's house one night, for the second weekend in a row, until 3 in the morning kinda late.

I did NOT contemplate life, read past blogs and realize how far I've come, think about my future and where I'd like to see it heading and I certainly did NOT contemplate blogging more about my recent failed relationship epiphany.

I did NOT finally come up with a better title for the manuscript I've been working on and I absolutely do NOT love it.

And lastly, I most certainly did NOT pee a little while having a sneezing fit just a moment ago...  nope, NOT me!

What about you?  What did you NOT do?


Venom said...

Well, I did NOT come over to check up on you...

Holli and Billy said...

Yay! I missed "Not me Monday's"!

Average Joe said...

I did not just read that you pee'd a little bit during a sneezing fit. Did not read that at all. Did not need to know that information so I did not read it. And I'm sure your children did not roll their eyes when they didn't read it either.

Michelle said...

Hello Not-Me. I have NOT missed you.

kanaboke said...

I did not immensely miss Not Me Mondays at all!! :D Man that fruit dip so does NOT sound Yummy! gonna NOT have to try it out sometime soon!