Thursday, December 15, 2011

'Twas the 24 Nights Before Christmas

I don't know about you -- but I'm tired!

Between finals, rehearsals, kids' school programs, holiday shows, church visits, Christmas parties and my birthday, I've had something going every single night since December 1st.  I've been so exhausted lately, I even had a dream last night that I was so exhausted I needed a nap.  In my dream I was driving but couldn't keep my eyes open anymore, so pulled off to the side of the road and napped in my car.  A dream about napping - haha!

After this weekend, I am hoping things will slow down just a tad, or at least enough to feel rested before Christmas.

Oh wait, I forgot.  I still have to shop and wrap and clean and bake and............

1 comment:

Susie said...

This is the worst time of year for being busy! I sometimes feel like Scrooge...wishing Christmas would be over!