Tuesday, November 22, 2011

30 Days of Gratitude: Day Twenty-Two

I am grateful for my middle child -- "LittleDuckling".

When I was ready to have another baby, I was excited at how easily I became pregnant.  My second pregnancy wasn't nearly as bad as the first, although toward the end I was sick all the time and I had gall bladder disease that went undiagnosed until about 5 weeks after he was born.  Labor and delivery however, was just as hard as with the first.  I often remind LittleDuckling that he will never be able to repay me for the 28 hours of labor I endured, haha.  All kidding aside though, I remember when the monitor beeps indicated distress and that this baby's entry into the world was a struggle.  With the chord wrapped twice around his neck, every contraction I had was cutting off his oxygen supply.  I was truly grateful once he finally made his debut.

Although his older brother was a small baby at 6 lbs 15 oz, LittleDuckling was definitely the runt at 5 lbs 8 oz.  He was a tiny baby and opposite of his older brother was the quiet one.  He was content to cuddle with me for hours all day...  in fact, that's all he ever wanted to do.  He didn't like to be put down.  I used to strap him into my "snuggli", freeing my hands to do housework.  Like baby Roo, he spent the majority of his first six months attached to Mommy.

I remember being worried that he would never talk because as an infant he was so much quieter than his older brother and as he neared his first birthday he hadn't even tried to speak.  Finally, just weeks before turning one, he uttered his first word, "pease" (please).  He loved to eat, and learned the quickest way to get more was to hold out his hand, flash his dark brown eyes and wide grin while saying, "pease?"  It was seriously the cutest thing ever.  Incidentally, "more" was his second word.

Once he started walking and talking he was content to be alone and NOT in the spotlight like his brother.  He isn't as outspoken although I have learned over the years that doesn't mean he isn't opinionated.  When asked, I have learned that he has some pretty strong opinions about quite a few things.  He enjoy writing as well, and has a vocabulary that blows me away for a kid of thirteen.  Sometimes he will say the funniest things, and just cracks me up - mostly because I don't expect it from him, he's so quiet.  When he does break into giggles, it is contagious... he has the best laugh ever.  One thing I noticed about him as he is growing up is that he will often try to include everyone in the group.  Last year he volunteered for peer tutoring in the special needs class at school.  I was surprised as I didn't even know he would want to do something like that.

He has always been my more sensitive one.  Because of that, it makes him sensitive to others.  As a little boy there wasn't an hour in the day that went by without him telling me he loved me.  He would also apologize when he acted out and he was the first to say "thanks for dinner" when we were finished eating.  He does have quite an appetite (unlike his much pickier brother) and I enjoy cooking for him knowing he will like it.  Ironically, my "LittleDuckling" is now bigger than his big brother.  I am amazed at how fast he is growing...  I can't seem to keep his wardrobe up with his growth spurts and because his brother is smaller than him, the days of hand-me-downs are long gone.

I am pleased with the choices he has been making lately as he is entering his teenage years and hope that he will continue to progress.  When he wants something, he doesn't wait for it to happen -- he makes it happen.  I love him so much and glad I am the lucky one that gets to be his mom.

I am grateful for my middle child.


KiennaP said...

he does have quite an appetite- he once ate a candle when he was 2!!!

Susie said...

What a beautiful tribute to your son:-)