Wednesday, November 23, 2011

30 Days of Gratitude: Day Twenty-Three

I am grateful for my daughter.

Like the boys, labor and delivery with her was a bit scary and she also had cord issues.  So, no doubt I was relieved once it was all said and done and she was safe and sound in my arms.

Ever since she could scream and mumble, we pretty much always knew what this little girl was thinking and what she wanted.  She is one of those people that knows what she wants and then goes for it.  She was the cutest baby ever and everyone said so - so it isn't just me, haha.  She has always been a fast learner in school and in first grade her teacher would even give her "extra work" because she would get done with hers so fast. The teacher asked her what she would like to learn and she replied, "French."  Luckily, the teacher knew French and would make up little assignments for her.  

She used to have some social phobias as an infant and didn't like when anyone even so much as looked at her.  As a baby, anytime anyone would pay any attention to her, she'd cry and try to hide her face. Slowly, but surely, she was able to overcome that for the most part.  Her second and third grade teachers discovered she has a knack for creative writing and really encouraged her to read her work in front of the class on a regular basis.  Now, in 6th grade, she is much more at ease with her friends.  She is still a great writer and this year one of her poems won a school contest and she moved on to the district level.

She does her homework without being reminded, she cleans her room without being asked.  She offers to help cook or clean wherever else needed too.  She has always set high standards for herself and chooses to keep her language especially clean and is a big component of dressing modestly.    She loves music and over the years has learned to play the recorder, two types of ukuleles and the piano.  She is also taking voice lessons, and I am amazed by the vocal chords this little girl has.  She is super smart and just overall a good girl.  She is nice to everyone, even if she doesn't like them.  There has been some "girl drama" at school the past few years and her teacher told me this past parent-teacher conference that I was the only mom of the group of affected girls that didn't call her to get involved and that as she watched each of the girls of this group more closely she noticed that my daughter was the only one of the group that didn't take sides (publicly, anyway - haha).

I could go on and on and obviously I am proud of the young woman she is becoming.  I love her so much and I am grateful to have her as my daughter.

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