Sunday, November 13, 2011

30 Days of Gratitude: Day Thirteen

I am grateful for Repentance.

True, I was a pretty straight-laced kid-- no drinking, no smoking, no sex, etc.  I tried to be a good daughter-- no arguing, no talking back, cleaning my room, helping around the house, etc.  I had this strong desire as a kid and as a teenager to "be good". And for the most part, I think I fared out pretty well, though I certainly had my flaws.  As an adult I've still tried and am still trying to be good and to do good, although there are times I still fall short. I think it's say to assume we all have at one time or another; and sometimes the fall isn't so short.  Sometimes when we fall it may be a long, dark path.

Heaven knows I've made mistakes.  Some mistakes I will unfortunately remember the rest of my life.  Although, I believe with acknowledgment, remorse, restitution, behavior change, and repentance, God will take the things we lost from the things we learned and replace them with something better.  I am grateful that no matter how many mistakes I've made, and no matter how serious they may have been, there is repentance.

I believe in the atonement of of my Savior and I believe that repentance is available to all persons.  I am grateful for a loving Heavenly Father who has sent His son for us so that I have the opportunity to repent and to do better and hopefully become the person He already knows me to be.

I am grateful for repentance.

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