Friday, November 4, 2011

30 Days of Gratitude: Day Four

I am grateful for my boss.

And no, this isn't me kissing up.  (I made her a pie for that, hehe.)  But I am grateful that my boss has been able to work with me on my schedule so I can fit school in the mix.  It means coming in late to work a couple days per week, but she also knows that if she needs extra help on a file that she can ask me.  Like any healthy relationship, our working relationship is definitely a give and take.

Honestly, once I get my associates and move forward towards the Bachelor's degree, I don't know if my job and school schedule can/will coincide as nicely as it does right now.  But for the meantime, it is working, and that to me is a sign that I am where I am supposed to be, right now.

She has also been very good with me when I need to do school pick-up, or run the kids to the dentist, or drop what I am doing and run up to the school because one of them is sick.  Not all employers are like that.

So, all kissing-up and brown-nosing aside, today I am grateful for my boss.

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KiennaP said...

Yes, she does sound like a great boss. Not like the strict ones on TV and in movies that yell at you and fire you over little things. :)