Friday, November 11, 2011

30 Days of Gratitude: Day Eleven

I am grateful for games.

I love games. While I enjoy ice breakers and group games, I enjoy board games too.  Every once in a while my kids and I will drag some of the board games out.  Some of their my favorites are:

Apples to Apples
Mad Gab
Would You Rather...?

Each year for Christmas I try to find a new game or two to put under the tree. Any suggestions?

I am excited to introduce two new ones at our annual family Christmas party this year.  We always have a good time even if I might get slightly competitive.  I love how playing games with friends too, just hanging out, laughing and having a low-key, but fun time!

I am grateful for games.


Charlotte said...

We really love Ticket to Ride, Killer Bunnies and Fluxx.

The Willeyes said...

We love fun. Then there's Ticket to Ride, Bezerwizzer (sp?), Boxers or Briefs, Balderdash, Guesstures...I could go on, let me know if you need more :)

And for cards, we love Five Crowns. I also just heard about a fun game called Jungle Speed.

Amy said...

Quelf One of Sydney's favorites!!!

Deborah said...

We love Settlers of Catan and Ticket to Ride. I'm considering ordering "Say Anything," which I bet would be absolutely hilarious to play with you!