Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011

Ok -- I already gave you a sneak-peek at PrettyPrettyPrincess' "Storm" costume a few days ago, so I will gloss over her a bit in this post.

Funnyman decided that since this is his senior year of high school it's his last official year as a "kid" and he too wanted to go trick-or-treating.  He is going under the guise of taking his little sister. Right - Whatever!  We all know that he wants some candy too.

I asked him what his costume was.  There was a bit of discussion and I think it ended up being "college bum".  Gee -- I hope that's not a precursor, haha.

He asked to go to a party tonight too -- I told him yes, but he gets to take his sister to that too. lol.

I didn't have time to do her hair like I did the other night for the fall festival, but we still sprayed it with white and silver and I think they both look cute.

LittleDuckling wanted to go as "Steve" from the video game Minecraft.  Here is a picture of Steve:

He decided to make his own costume and worked on it at his dad's house for days.  I think it turned out pretty good too.
 He's got black mesh for the "eyes" so he can still see plenty through the box.  And let's not forget the treasure chest for his candy!
Even though it was one of the warmest evenings all month, I did make him put on a brown turtleneck before heading out to trick or treat with his friends.  They all looked good, and I let them have double the loot when they showed up on my doorstep.  :)

After everybody left, I set the filled treat bowl out on the porch, came inside, put my jammies on and started on my homework (and this blog post).  It's been the most relaxing Halloween I've had in years!

Hope you all had a safe and fun Halloween!  Can't wait to see YOUR pictures! 


Amy said...

I love that your son went trick or treating even though he is a senior!! good for him!!

KiennaP said...

I think that I might add that on "steve," the brown "u" is a beard, not a smile.

Susie said...

Great costumes!!!

Cassie said...

Hey! That's my house! They did get a lot of candy, and I managed to snag a bag of chocolate-covered pretzels from Christian. They were yummy!