Thursday, August 18, 2011

Etsy Week: Hats!

My kids love hats. I love finding cute, clever or fun hats for them in the winter. I don't knit or crochet, but I love the look of some of these. Check them out!

NJwithLove sells these cute hats for around $25. Who? you asked? NJwithLove, that's who!

This is my other favorite from her... Isn't is Tweet?

By the way, I've seen hats like these all over Etsy, ranging anywhere from $10 - $50. Definitely worth a look-see if you plan to do any early holiday shopping!

And with Halloween right around the corner, who says a newborn can't dress up too? WeeBeePhotoProps has the cutest handmade hats for props. These are great for the baby's first photo shoot or for Halloween. I was at a shower a few months ago and saw one of these, and I've even purchased a sock monkey newborn hat I've found on etsy in the past. They make the sweetest gifts and WeeBee sells them from $12-$25. I couldn't decide on just 1 favorite, so here are a few.

PDXBeanies sells all kinds of beanies for sizes babies up to ladies - some with flowers, some without. I particularly like this one. Most of hers run around $36.

I have found that most fleece hats sell on between $8-$10. There are so many cool ones too, like dragons, and Hello Kitty, and tons of sports themed ones for men. Of course I had to see if they had my team, The Colts (<3 me some Peyton Manning -- MMM) and I found this little gem~~

MimiMakesMemories is a business run by Mimi & Jackie and they will take custom orders (message them your team preference) for these scarf/hat combinations. They come in adult sizes and run $38. I think this is a great gift idea!
So what do those people who raise Alpacas do with the wool? Well, if you're FootloosePalouse you make English Driving Caps and sell them on for $30! As long as I can remember my father wore these kinds of hats!

And finally - from HanuChic. At $29 this Newsboy/Military hat is my favorite pick of the day (If I were shopping for me, that is). I just love it. It's a slightly worn look, yet feminine and classy at the same time.
Oh - wait! One more thing! I forgot that I was gonna tell you where I got my daughter's sock monkey hat for her birthday 2 years ago. I found it on Etsy for $29 from sockmonkeykook. Although she doesn't make the hats anymore, she does sell the pattern for $4.50. Here is a pic of PrettyPrettyPrincess in her hat.

And for those of you who do crochet or knit or sew, perhaps one of these hats have inspired you to make some of your own. If that's the case, well then... Hats off to you! Tee hee!

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