Monday, August 15, 2011

Etsy Week: Handbags!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE handbags! Although you'd probably never know because I am not one to change out my handbag with every different outfit, etc. Nevertheless, I love them. Today I am going to show you my favorites I found during my handbag search on Etsy!

{{Ruffled Begonia}} is selling this handbag pattern for $6!!! I am getting a BIG case of the Gimmies right about now. I am completely and totally in love with this bag. If only I wasn't having to do other things -- like pay for school, groceries, gas and bills! Of course, I don't really sew that great either, so I'd have to find fabric kind of like this one (since I love it so much) and beg someone to make it for me, haha.

PrettyInPink320 sells this bag for $50, which is competitive with department store purses, and yet it's one of a kind. I never really thought of myself as being into ruffles. However, I have decided I am.
Miss Pretty Perfect knew what she was doing when she combined this fabric & leather look. Of course at $145, I won't be purchasing it anytime soon. When a handbag is more than my weekly grocery bill (Even if only by a few bucks), it's more than I can afford! Still pretty to look at though! :)
Retro Grandma sells this purse (made from a vintage book) for $40. She also does bags from calendars and vinyl record covers.

CayennePeppyBags have so many adorable bags I couldn't decide which one I liked best. I finally decided on this one, which is selling for $65. Even though the button clasp is ginormous, because there is only one, it seems perfectly understated.


Ruthykins said...

very cute!

Alice in Wonderland said...

LOVE the leather and fabric bag!

dorneys said...

ok I am going to make you my personal shopper :) cute cute!!

Emily said...

I have to admit... I LOVE handbags too!!! Honestly, I have a problem...That's the first step right? Admitting it?