Monday, August 15, 2011

Etsy Week: Bookmarks!

Do you Etsy?

I do. Not as often as I'd like. Mostly because I am always a little short in the fundage dept. Nevertheless, I love Etsy. For those who don't know, Etsy is basically an online boutique. It's a place for those who handcraft items to sell their products.

I love boutique shopping because I get lots of great ideas and a lot of times I can find inspiration to try my hand at something new. However, I don't have the time to go shopping at boutiques or even boutique malls. And there are those boutiques that seem to have the "same ol', same ol'" too, so I leave with tired feet and wasted time. With Etsy I just type in what I am looking for and voila!

This week I am going to highlight some of my favorite finds on Etsy. Today I simply typed "Bookmark" in the Etsy search bar. My search produced over 30,000 results. They have book marks made out of paper, fabric and beads, oh my! So many to choose from that it was hard narrowing it down to some of my faves. Check out these cuties!

Ian's Cafe - has a Wicked Witch Bookmark for $7! Imagine this and a bookstore gift card for the reader on your list. Pretty cool I think!

HammerItOut has some really cool Stainless Steel Bookmarks. I think I like these mostly because they are different. Plus I like the idea of reusing old metal to create something beautiful. These are $5 and are sure one of a kind!

GreenLeaf Pick Company sells this "guitar pick" bookmark for $12. It's a bit more than I'd probably spend for a bookmark, but for the right person I'd consider it. They also do customizing - totally worth checking out.

Dinner Time Chimes makes Butter Knife Book Marks! Okay - you probably think I am obsessed with metal! But seriously. I love these because they are vintage and re-purposed and best of all, only $6!

PitBull Lady Designs has come up with a clever bookmark that keeps your pages from blowing in the wind and also allows you to toss your book in your tote without worrying if your bookmark is going to fall out of place. These are adjustable and sell for $10.

HoneyCase2 - Rain boots?
Okay, I started with feet so I figured I'd end with feet. I am loving these boot book marks. I giggle just looking at them. True, I probably wouldn't ever pay the $25 they are asking for, but I do think they are clever and whimsical. Definitely my favorite bookmark find of the day!


dorneys said...

those are way cool....

Puphigirl said...

I do etsy a bit. I like:
Orange You Happy jewelry
and crotcheted dolls from
Grimmleigh's Fiends

Ruthykins said...

I have a friend who is making bookmarks to give as gifts for birthdays and christmas. I know that I'm always in need of bookmarks. I like the stainless steel ones, the metal hooks with danglers, and the silverware ones. Wouldn't the silverware be too thick though? or are they flat?

Cassie the Sassie Lassie said...

Those are WAYY cute! i love the wicked witch book marks! so cute!