Friday, August 19, 2011

Etsy Week: $10 Deals! (or less)

Ok - since Christmas always seems to arrive before we know it, and since I assume many of you are on a budget like I am, I have decided to scour Etsy for items $10 or less. It wasn't easy, but here are some of the things I have found. These would make great little gifts for coworkers, friends, cousins or even as stocking stuffers!

Lanyards! When I worked in reservations for the Airlines, it was company policy our ID badge was VISIBLE on our person any time we were on the premises. Therefore, lanyards were something most of us wore. I remember at boutiques, lanyards were a hot ticket item for the airline employees. While some of my favorites have been the beaded ones, those are hard to find for $10. With FREE personalization, TurningHeadsBoutique seems to have the best deal for $8 a piece.

What little girl doesn't love to play "house"? I totally love ItsTheSmallThings. While she has plenty of other inexpensive children's items (Like crayon wallets for under $5) it's her hand-sewn "play food" I love the best. She even has a tossed salad! Of course, I love baking, so this little Deluxe Cherry Cookie Dough Set for $9 is my fave!

Many kids get new PJ's around the holidays. MadeAtNanasHouse makes pillowcases. Right now she has an assortment of sports team pillowcases on sale for $7.99 (Normally, $9.99). You can also message her if you want a team she doesn't have shown! (Incidentally, you know those really cute pillowcase dresses that are so popular right now? Yeah -- she makes those too.)

Ok - this next Etsy Creator gets 2 shout-outs from me. Check out SewingAmity's really cool binky pouch that sells for $8! It's equipped with a plastic ring, perfect for sliding around your diaper bag strap. No more digging deep to find the binky, only to pull it out, covered in cracker crumbs and lint. It would make a cute gift too. Of course, I'd probably buy 2 and stick one around the handle bars of the stroller!
There are tons of iPod/Cell phone cozies on Etsy and many sell for $10 or less. The reason I love SewingAmity's is because it has both a zipper and a clasp. This particular one sells for $10 and is sized to fit a Nintendo DS/DSI, iPod Touch or iPhone, and many other smartphones. (She also sells a way cute owl one for just a few bucks more.)

Ok, although WickedFaerieGifts is in the UK, she will ship to the US. I love this personalized rolling pin for just under $10!

BabyBirdClippies sells these adorable hair clips for $2.75 and has many other little accessories for under $10!

Mouse0403 has some really cute golf towels for only $6!

Here's another one for Dad's or Grandpa's stocking - Luregasmic makes Fishing Lures from NFL Bottlecaps and sells them for $7 each.
Ok - tons of lunch bags on Etsy - and way cute ones too. This one from GoldenLadyRG gets props from me though for a few reasons. 1) I've made Capri Sun bags before and they are a PAIN. My needle broke more than once. 2) She has handles on her homemade lunch pack whereas other crafters do not. 3) You can hand wash it and it's stain resistant 4) It's recycled! and 5) They are only $8!
New teen driver? What about a steering wheel cover from DeniseLukassen? These sell for $7.99 and she usually has an few different styles on hand.

There are soooo many more great finds on Etsy and all for $10 or less. You can find hot/cold packs, lip balm cozies to attach to the zipper of your kids winter coat, hats, gloves, scarves, jewelry, photo frames, keychains, candles, housewares, funny tee shirts, and so on and so forth.

Basically, anything you can think of, there is a good chance they have it! I'd love to hear your great Etsy find! {{Click HERE to go to Now!}}

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KiennaP said...

cute! I want one of those lunch bags! :) I wonder how much wait they can hold though. Still, I want one. lol