Thursday, July 28, 2011

My Visit to the Upper Northwest

I alluded to my visit to the Oregon/Washington last month. For my FB friendsies -- this is probably a repeat. But, to offset my stressful week of finals, I wanted to focus on something happy. Traveling makes me happy. Traveling to visit my besties makes me even happier.

Sidebar: If a web-log is "blog" for short, and a video log is a vlog, then is a pictoral log a Plog? Just sayin'.

Without further adieu, my plog... tee hee.

First stop after arriving at the Portland Airport? Crossing the bridge over into Washington, north of Vancouver and into Castle Rock with lunch somewhere along the way. It rained that afternoon but I didn't care. I just liked how green it was. Made me a little homesick.

Day 2: Seaside, Oregon.

Such a cute little coastal town. Lots of ways to get around the boardwalk here. :)

Ok -- we HAD to stop for one of these... Elephant Ears!!! Yummo!

Yeah - huge. I could barely finish mine and thankfully it was the only deep fried anything I ate the entire time.
The boardwalk crosses over a little river too. Darling.

Nice sunset. It was a gorgeous day.
Here is me & the Professor - looking a little bit wind-blown. Bleh.

The cool wet sand between my toes was actually very soothing.

A view of the hotel strip from the ocean...

I loved this. I call it "Seagull Crossing". tee hee.

Day 3: We went back over to the Washington side, up the coast and into Long Beach.
Lots of cute little shops there too!

Oh look, right next to the enormous statue of a clam and a giant size frying pan is the Long Beach Branch of First American Title (the company for which I work). Maybe it's time to ask for a transfer? hehe.

These "kites" were attached to vehicles and all over the beach.

Me being silly in one of the shops.

Lots of crab legs would wash up on shore. Guess the seagulls already picked them over! lol.

We saw this beach front home. Somebody must really love light houses.

We drove all of the way up the coast, up the peninsula to Oysterville.

Bet you'll never guess what they had there...

OYSTERS! These are actually mounds of empty shells. They are usually ground and sold in gravel mixes.

Oyster Beds.

Day 4, Mount St Helens.
You can see that front "hole" where the eruption took a huge chunk from the mountain.

And on day 5 I came home. That's it. Guess it's time to pull the "Plog" //groans// he he.


Puphigirl said...

I wanna go to the beach.

Holli and Billy said...

How fun! I really think I could live in Oregon or Washington!

Ruthykins said...

nice photographic essay. Makes me want to visit that place