Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I'll Take an Immediate Consequence Please

I don't eat ice cream. I can count on 1 hand how many times this year I have eaten any at all. The last time I had a few scoops was over Memorial Day weekend, at my parents' house.

It's not that I don't like it. It's that it makes me cough. Sometimes for hours even. I hate constantly trying to clear my throat and that coating is still there - bleh. (Which is why I don't drink milk either, aside of the taste I can't stand.)

I don't really eat fried foods either. Ever since I had my gall bladder taken out over 13 years ago, fried foods do not agree with me. I might as well flush them straight down the toilet, because that is where they will end up before I've even had a chance to wipe the grease off my fingers!

I don't eat these things, and truthfully I don't miss them. When I see greasy foods I don't usually crave them. I know that I can eat a couple of french fries but that's about it. When there is a party and everyone has their big bowls of ice cream, I don't wish I also had one. I do feel pressure to get a child-size cup of something-or-other when a group of friends and I go to Coldstone or something. But, I don't crave these things perhaps because I know the immediate consequence.

The problem is I still enjoy food, bread especially, or main dishes with cream-based sauces. Yummo. The other problem is that my school and work schedule have been so hectic I've not truly exercised like I used to in over a year. A Big Fat Year. And not only have I gained everything back I lost, I have added a few too. (Insert uphappy groan here.)

I read somewhere that what we eat is half of our success to weight loss, while strength-training is about 35% and aerobic activity another 15%. SIGH. I guess I are what I eat.

That being said, why can't the other foods -- the breads and creamy sauces and sugary treats -- why can't they have a consequence to make me not crave them too? I mean, I know they have consequences. In the words of Scott Pilgrim, "Bread makes you fat?!?!?!" I just wish they had IMMEDIATE consequences. Like, give me a fat butt overnight. Or, make it so that by eating these things I will throw up. I hate throwing up. That would stop me for sure.

I am actually considering a few new things to help... but not until AFTER my reunion trip! haha!


greenolive said...

If you find a magic answer after the reunion trip, let me know because I too will be looking for one.

EmmaP said...

Oh, and I love cheese too.

Puphigirl said...

Love, love, LOVE cheese, oh and bread, and things that are both sweet & salty (like carmel corn, or Take 5 candy bars).

I've been checking out a few diet books from the library to see what works. So far I did the 6-day Body Makeover (I lost 3 lbs.)it was kind of hard to stick to because we had a ward party that week and other excuses to cheat. Now I'm reading the Best Life Diet.

RhondaLue said...

yeah I'm totally with you on that Emma! (insert my own unhappy groan here)...

also, just got pics of the Chadster up on my blog so you can see them. :) Ya never know but I think a ring might be coming soon!!

KiennaP said...

Well, I heard that potatoes add a lot of weight, whether they are fried, mashed, baked, or even turned into a potato salad. However the skin is very healthy. Also, I was taking some looks at the health section of (a website for tweens and teens) and it was pretty interesting. If you want you can check it out:

I am more of a Popsicle person. The ice cream tastes fine, but my throat feels all swelled up after eating ice cream, and the ice cream just stays there. I actually cough too, after eating ice cream. (although I LOVE ice cream sandwiches)

Ruthykins said...

stop brushing your teeth so that you get cavities. then when you eat something sweet it will hurt your mouth. problem solved. ha ha, just kidding. make rules for yourself. like, you can only eat junk standing up. that way when you are tired you won't want to eat. also, there are some self help things you can listen to while you sleep. or you could get hypnotized to stop craving bad things.