Thursday, July 28, 2011

I've Found the Perfect Wedding Dress!

Ahh... love is in the air. Birds are chirping sweet love songs and soon wedding bells will be going off in the distance.

But not for me. Nope. Not this time anyway.

It is summer however - the season of weddings, or so it seems. Between work, church, old friends and new, it seems like everywhere I turn I am hearing about someone's wedding. The biggest hubub is usually about the dress.

Some people -- the uber practical people, or men -- will say, "Meh. Don't worry too much about the dress. You'll never wear it again, so who cares?" While the rest of us understand that a Bride wants to feel special on her big day. She will have pictures in this dress. She will be looking at these pictures [possibly] the rest of her life. She wants to feel like she looks good.

I've never seen the show "Say Yes to the Dress" (TLC), but my friend Tina said it's awesome. She said it's all about finding that perfect dress that "fits"; and not only a physical "fit", but one that fits your personality and style. Something you feel looks good with your shape and size. Something that makes you feel somehow magical.

This made me think. Did I like my wedding dress that much when I got married? Yes, I have to say I did. I knew I did not want an A-line Princess cut dress. Y'know -- the fitted bodice which then flares out really big and poufy starting at the waist. Even when I was 115 lbs at age 19, I was a little "wide" in the hip area. I felt that poufing out right at the hip would only accentuate that. So, I wanted something slim and flared only slightly, starting at the knee. I also wanted long sleeves because I did not have time to work on my "farmer" tan. So, I found a pattern for a long-sleeved slimming dress that flared past the waist. Really -- I did like my first dress. The veil is a little "Dynasty" though- haha, which now makes me completely laugh. But hey - it was early 90's. So, now to embarrass myself, I will share a quick snapshot of me in my first wedding dress, circa 1993.

A close-up of the material would reveal the satin embossed flowers, which I also loved.

Anyway -- with this entire talk of weddings, one of my friends said to me, "Well, you've been married before. If you ever get married again - you don't need a fancy wedding or a fancy dress. 2nd marriages should be casual." Oh REALLY? That must be some sort of surreptitious 2nd marriage code I've never heard of. But it did make me think... what sort of wedding dress would I want? What says "me"?

I am still not a fan of the A-line Princess Cut. And I hate my arms -- I have "lunch lady arms" (not cute!). In looking at a few dresses online, here are some I've liked.

I gotta admit -- I am sorta liking the shorter length. To me it sort of says "sassy".

I really like the "flare" of this one which is also short. I think it is feminine and flattering. Of course, I'd have sleeves - or maybe a jacket of some sort. Which brings me to...

Who says the Mother of the Bride is the only one that gets to wear a Wedding "Suit" Formal? I sort of like the "buttoned" up look. Definitely more "me" than the princess ball gown.
I like this one a lot too. I think it's the sleeves. I know that most people don't think "sleeves" when they think Wedding Dress. But I like it. It's playful yet sophisticated. If I ever go for a slightly casual wedding, or a fall or winter wedding, I think this is the dress I'd want.

This next one, well I think it's sort of got a retro feel to it. I love the elegant beading too. There's a lot of it, but to me it feels more timeless instead of gaudy.

I think if I were going to do a long dress, an empire waist might be pretty.

Aside from the sleeves, this one has a similar shape of the one I wore before. I still like this a lot...

But -- then I saw THIS (below) -- the MOTHER of all wedding dresses. (Well, for me at least.) I love the fact that it is "buttoned up" and sophisticated. True, it is more of an A-line. But it isn't your typical princess bodice AND, the flare doesn't start AT the hips; it starts just below. I love how it has a full skirt, and yet it isn't "poufy" at the hips. I won't ever be paying the $6000 price tag for this EXACT dress. But -- if I ever do get married again, and if I do decide to get a formal wedding dress, I think I would like something much like this. I don't know why, but I just feel it says "me".

What about you? What sort of Wedding Dress would you say "yes" to?


Cassie the Sassie Lassie said...

OH MY GOSh!! I have found like 2 perfect wedding dresses for me! I love it! But I have often heard that the second weddings are usually 'casual', but heck if your second one is going to be better than your first marriage, I say GO FOR IT!!!

I love 'Say Yes to the Dress'! It gives you your own ideas for your personal dress. Maybe I will have to blog about his now to show you mine! AH!

Ruthykins said...

my wedding dress was made from a medieval costume pattern. I had mine made so that I could use it as my temple dress. I don't even know how many times I wore it before I got too pregnant with my first child. Since then I haven't been able to get back into it, but maybe one day I'll lose enough weight to be able to wear it again. some of the ones you picked out on here are pretty and some I just can't see anyone wanting to wear. If you ever get married again, please consider doing it in a nearby location so that I can come, since I didn't get to go to your first wedding. oh, and definitely watch "Say Yes to the Dress". It's very entertaining.

RhondaLue said...

okay I'm in love with the second one and the last THREE!!! so beautiful!!

I see nothing wrong with getting the fanciest dress you can imagine...or going casual. Whatever fits your budget and desire! (hehe I said 'desire')

Anyway, we're looking at a lot of dresses ourselves right now!! :)

RhondaLue said...

Guess who got a wedding dress today??? Shhhhhh......don't let the cat outta the bag though. It's still a secret ;)