Saturday, May 21, 2011

Blogspot Confessions: I Cheated

Ok -- so here's a confession. I cheated! Yep it's true.

It all started back when I lived in the Bridgeside Landing apartments as a young mom with little bebes. There were lots of other young moms with lots of little bebes too. We decided to do a weekly play group and rotate hosts. Whomever hosted provided the snacks. Well, all of these moms and their fancy schmancy million dollar delectable treats intimidated me. I thought about trying some of the things they had done. But let's face it, I'm lazy.

Instead, I began several processes of trial & error using simple recipes (or even worse - a MIX) and just embellishing slightly. The result? They thought I was a rock star and the next thing I know the neighborhood chicas were calling ME a "regular Betty Crocker".

I have since actually made things from scratch and many good things too, if I do say so myself. And much of it comes from experimenting or substituting this or that for something the recipe calls for which I don't have on hand. I actually enjoy cooking and baking now.

I have also since realized that my enthusiasm for cooking possibly/probably stems from my need for positive attention. "Back in the day" I needed to feel accepted by these seemingly oh-so-perfect housewives and moms. I also enjoyed the praise my many coworkers would give me when I brought something to the monthly potluck. It was their words of encouragement that motivated me to continue. My oldest at the time was only 4 years old and was a picky eater, as was the other parental unit. I remember trying new recipes for dinner and then getting offended or hurt that no one would even want to try them. But having a new audience, a new panel of judges per se, was exciting. It filled my need for praise and affection in a way I can't describe. I've heard that a lot of times people eat as a way to fulfill something they are lacking. I think I cook and bake for that same reason, or at least that's why I started to years ago.

I finally feel like cooking is something I am really good at. True, I will never be a gourmet chef. (My ADHD prevents me from even READING a recipe with all of those ingredients, haha.) But I love to cook and bake and please my family, (selfishly) knowing I'm gonna get some sort of praise in return -- even if it's just them eating a second (or third) helping.

I am actually grateful for my friends and family who were bold enough to let the accolades and "atta girls" roll off the tongue. If it weren't for them I might still be serving pasta-roni for dinner every night. :)

I guess the bottom line is we all need encouragement when trying new things. We all want to feel appreciated. We all want to hear we've done a good job. I admit, I "cheat" a little here or there with cooking. I am all for short cuts. But does it really matter how I got here? No. My kids love the stuff I make so that's all that really counts. I admit, it sort of pleases me to think that one day one of my kids will tell their spouse, "You should ask my mom how she makes it." :)

I think this is one area where cheating is acceptable. :)

If interested you can check out my recipes and cheats here: {{Simply Simmer}}

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Amber Barrows said...

Your cheats have saved me on nights when I couldn't figure out something on my own. Our household loves your recipes!