Monday, November 15, 2010

Talk About It Tuesday

What's bugging you lately? Let's talk about it! After all, it's "Talk About it Tuesday!"

Things that bug me:

Because my FB status is "single" I get all sorts of singles ads on my FB side bar. One says, "Would you like to meet attractive men?" I mean, really? What kind of question is that? Ummm... no. I think I'll try one of the ugly ones... I'm sort of tired of the hot, sexy, attractive ones.

When I don't need to be anywhere early and yet that is the one morning I find myself wide awake at 6am! Grrrrr....

Wet towels on the bathroom floor.

When I forget to turn my phone on silent and my friend calls me while I am at church and everyone turns to look at me just as I remember my phone is tucked securely into my bra strap. Yeah... that bugs.

When people write sentences and don't bother using correct punctuation or any punctuation for that matter it's hard to know whether they are making a statement or asking a question the only statement I believe them to be making is that they are too lazy or too ignorant to know how to punctuate a paragraph correctly wouldn't you say if not at least they should remember from third grade the appropriate places for periods.

So, there you go -- that's what's bugging me lately. How about you? C'mon, don't be shy ~ It's Talk About it Tuesday! :)


RhondaLue said...

Love it, it's like blog therapy. For free! Thanks asked for it!

I'm stressing myself out about one of my kids who is in love with a selfish, immature person who lacks integrity. I'm having happy dreams of this kid marrying someone else, and nightmares of this kid marrying this person. And I'm buggin' about how much to say and how often before it becomes a sore point between us.

I'm buggin about a scout leader that thinks my kid laughing at something funny (even if the laughter is a little long) thinks that deserves him sitting out for the remainder of scout time. Like, why am I busting my butt getting him there for him to sit out. If you can't deal with a silly 9 yr old let me know and I won't send him. JEEEEZ!

I'm trippin' over a family Thanskgiving gathering that I know I'm not wanted at, yet I have to go for other reasons. It's the most uncomfortable feeling and I am DREADING it with a passion. If there is anything I loathe most in this world it's being in the presence of people that don't want me there. (because it means a lot to a few others that I *am* there) UGH! :( Can't wait till it's over.

The End. :)

Susie said...

Amen to all that!

Puphigirl said...

I am bugged that my road is not finished yet. It was supposed to be done end of September, now it is just a muddy mess.

The Willeyes said...

Wow, I feel bad for Rhonda! You needed that blog therapy :)