Monday, November 15, 2010

Not Me Monday

It's MONDAY!!! Time to tell you all of the things that I did NOT say or do this past week.

I did NOT have a week filled of appointments keeping me busy which did NOT include a parent-teacher conference with my daughter's teacher. I did NOT already review her report card beforehand and it did NOT contain perfectly-perfect scores for which I was not overjoyed extremely ecstatic to the point I felt like doing cartwheels. And I certainly did NOT think that the conference was pointless because I already knew she was doing well. And of course I did NOT think it insane that we had to come up with a pseudo-goal because the teacher wanted to fill in the blank with something.

I was NOT secretly pleased with my middle child for asking if he could please join peer tutoring which is NOT a group of kids at junior high that go in and help their special needs peers. He is not my introverted child and therefore this did NOT surprise me. But as someone else pointed out, being an introvert perhaps helps him to be more aware of their needs.

I did NOT also attend my oldest's first court hearing as he did NOT enter a guilty plea for speeding in a school zone, which did NOT also happen to be his first ticket. He was NOT prepared to pay the fine and the judge did NOT agree to abate it from his record so long as he complete a class and have no other violations for 90 days. In other news he has NOT been home at a decent hour every night this week and I was NOT grateful for the fact I wasn't out driving around looking for him after midnight!

School did NOT seem to get harder AFTER midterms and I now do NOT have two other projects I have been working on and I will NOT be so glad once this semester is over.

I did NOT find an awesome hat on clearance that I bought and I do NOT feel like it is actually a hat I can pull off without looking like someone attempting to wear a hat, if that makes sense! :)

I did NOT have a few "enlightening" moments this past week which will NOT make it into a future blog post about becoming a creep!

I have NOT seemed to misplace my iPod which does NOT make me sad as I have NOT missed my tunes.

What about you? What have you NOT done this past week?


Susie said...

I did NOT not sleep well this weekend:-(

KiennaP said...

i did NOT also think it was pointless since we already knew my grades, I did NOT recently listen to one of my favorite singers, (Drake Bell) and I certainly did NOT like this post! :)