Friday, October 1, 2010

The Plan?

Who: Me!

What: Needs a vacation - no kids allowed! (sorry kids)

When: Anytime! Sooner preferably than later!

Where: Anywhere or in the middle of Nowhere, I almost don't care!

Why: Just need to get away and NOT think about mom -duties, school, work, finances...etc.

How: Hmmm. Good question. Perhaps a knight in shining armor could appear on a white horse and take me away? No? Not realistic enough? Well, what if he has a car? THAT would do! hahaha! Or maybe I'd just happen to have an unexpected windfall of money and can book a flight somewhere and relax on the beach, get a massage, take in a movie or two.

I haven't quite got that part figured out yet. Oh well, a girl can dream, can't she?
I guess for now, I'd settle for a nice, hot, LONG, UN-INTERRUPTED Bubble bath and a good book!


The Willeyes said...

I hope you get that windfall, and it's enough to bring friends :)

Tulsi said...

Totally understand!!

Rob said...

I just read your blog. It’s alright. By that I mean it’s not entirely horrible. There were
parts where I thought I would rather be pleasuring myself with sandpaper, but you definitely have potential. I think it might be beneficial for you to check out a truly excellent blog, I am willing to give you a few tips. Love Robblogger.

EmmaP said...

thanks Rob. for my other "followers"... please realize Rob is trying to be "funny". haha.

Rob said...

Thank you for the love. Will send out a little love to you in my next entry. Good luck with that Knight on a white horse. Horse's do not get the mileage they used to. Do not know how far that Prince Charming will get you. Really did enjoy your blog and thank you again for checking mine out