Monday, October 4, 2010

Not Me Monday

Monday -- time to tell you all of the things I did NOT say or do this past week.

I did NOT fumble a little on the "Ear Training" portion of one of my exams this week. And I certainly did NOT ace the "Sight Singing" portion, bringing my overall test score to a stinking B. This did NOT frustrate me a bit because I am NOT determined to get an A in this class because I am NOT obsessed with straight A's. Nope, NOT me.

I did NOT have to sit through the very long "Birth of a Nation" for my film class this past week and the classroom was not overly warm and I was not extremely exhausted and uncomfortable. I did NOT have to drink a Diet Coke just to stay awake, and I certainly did NOT just use that class as an excuse to drink Diet Coke, because that would be sooo lame!

I did NOT accompany 2 of my besties to Ogden to attend a Fall Boutique and although I did NOT plan to purchase a single thing, I did NOT happen to see this item that I thought would be totally perfect for one of my sisters, whose name I have for Christmas this year, and I can't say anymore about it as some of my sisters do NOT read my blog!

FunnyMan does NOT work for Lagoon Amusement park and this past weekend was NOT employee family night and he did NOT host us while we had a good time! We did NOT ride roller coaster after roller coaster and certainly did NOT share some cotton candy!

I did NOT teach LittleDuckling to make Fresh Peach Crisp on Saturday and we did NOT eat more than half the pan ourselves! Nope, cuz then we would be pigs! :)

Sunday I did NOT make chocolate chip cookies AND homemade chimichangas and we did NOT individually wrap and freeze a bunch so the kidlets could eat them later in the week while I am at class.

I did NOT feel edified and uplifted by the many messages I heard at our church's General Conference this past weekend either.

Overall, it was NOT a busy but good week! What about you? What did you NOT do?


Susie said...

We did NOT clean the garage this weekend:-)

Cassie the Sassie Lassie said...

Sounds like a good week! (better than some of the ones i've read about before), and GOOD for you! You deserve it! Congratulations on the B on your test (a B is better than a C, right?) and I'm glad you had fun at Lagoon! I did NOT go there the first Friday of Frightmares with my friends, and saw him! He's a pretty good actor!

I did NOT bum around the house all Saturday and Sunday instead of cleaning the downstairs bathroom, and most certainly did NOT eat two pieces of a HUGE cake covered in caramel and candy corn!

Puphigirl said...

I did NOT rotate the food in my 72 hour kits while watching conference.

okeydokeyifine said...

ooh, I need to rotate my kit too

RhondaLue said...

I did NOT get to see Desi in her school play. I did NOT decorate the house with tonz of halloween stuff, I did NOT get praised by my kids for said decorating and I do NOt feel tired already as the week starts. ha ha