Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sunday Sentiments: Brotherly Love

I hate it when my kids argue. It's like -- why can't you all just get along? This video is a reminder that even though they may not realize it now, the gospel of Jesus Christ can and will help strengthen their relationships with each other. Surely gives a mother hope, as well as an affirmation that she is doing right by them...Even on days like today, when it seems I am dragging to get them off to church :)

Who knows... maybe one day my kids will say they are each other's best friends. Now THAT would be something..


RhondaLue said...

THAT is the best video ever. LOVED IT. Might plan on making that our FHE mini lesson tonight!

I really liked that cookie said...

Don't worry! My sister and I used to almost kill each other every other day. But now that we've grown up out relationship has completely changed. We even became roommates and are loving every second.

Cassie the Sassie Lassie said...

We just saw that video last sunday... it made me tear up a little. I do understand how hard it can be.