Monday, August 30, 2010

Not Me Monday

This past week was NOT my first week back of the semester. This semester I do NOT have 2 Classes online and 3 on campus. This is NOT the fullest load for me yet. I do NOT wish that somedays there were more minutes in an hour, more hours in a day and more days in a week. It just does NOT seem like it is hard to get things done sometimes.

Buying my textbooks did NOT prove to be less-than-smooth this semester, and I most certainly did NOT have a li'l, minor emotional breakdown on campus. Nope, certainly NOT me.

I also did NOT have an instructor welcome the class by saying, "This will be one of the hardest classes you will take, and most of you will either end up dropping out or failing." He was NOT underwhelmingly charming :)

I also did NOT have tons of fun this past week. In spite of the busy work and school load, I did NOT get to play a little with friends on various nights throughout the week, and I did NOT go on some crazy adventures that did NOT include: Dinner @ Roosters, a music concert in the car, seeing a shooting star in the mountains, Dinner @ Z'Tejas w/ "the girlz" mingled with a li'l waiter-flirting, followed by "Eat. Pray. Love", and finally going to Lagoon and riding tons of roller coasters and feeling like a kid again, eating all things I shouldn't.

I will NOT be posting more about some of these "adventures" tomorrow, because I do NOT like bloggy attention like that ;)

So... what did you NOT do?


Susie said...

I did NOT make sugar cookies that look like crayons and I did NOT put them in a vessel that looked like a crayon box. I will NOT be posting about this tomorrow:-)

Kaye Butler said...

I did NOT try to Help Mary Margaret with tennis after NOT weedeating all day saturday. I am NOT 36, old, falling apart and fat. I did NOT slam myself into the fence around the tennis court, not once, twice but three times and maybe more I lost count. I did NOT hit the tennis ball outside the court and have to go get them. Mary Margaret did NOT tell me that when we do that in practice, you have to run a lap.

She's breathing only because I do NOT want to be in jail, a new season of Grey's Anatomy is going to come on soon and I wouldn't feel right watching it from JAIL.

Puphigirl said...

I did NOT start work as an intern at Bingham High. I did NOT make a new resolve to exercise and eat right.

RhondaLue said...

I did NOT do anything near that exciting during my week. No, really, I didn't!! lol

you go girl!