Thursday, February 25, 2010

Interview With A Blogger: Sister Two

Yesterday, you got to meet the oldest in my fam. Today, I am introducing you to the youngest in my fam, Ruthykins. She is 6 1/2 years younger than me. When Ruthykins was born I used to give her her bottle, change her diaper, hold her, rock her to sleep, etc. I WANTED her to tag along with me EVERYWHERE and ANYWHERE at ANYTIME!!! When she was a toddler, I LOVED playing with her. I LOVED braiding her hair. The night before my first day of 2nd grade in a new school, while sleeping in our NEW HOUSE, Ruthykins must have had a bad dream. She came down the long, dark, hallway from her room to mine to sleep with me in my bed, even though mom & dad's room was right next to hers! I tried to lift her over me and have her sleep next to the wall so she would not fall out of bed. Whilst crawling over me, she lost her balance and bonked her head on my cheekbone, just under my eye. It was immediately swollen. So yes, my 18 month old sister gave me a black eye. Anyway, I am soooo jealous that she gets to be an at-home mom. I am jealous of her awesome sewing skills too! Check this out. Her before and after couch redo!!! She is super-talented and funny. And though like me, she loves to play games and mingle in a group and have fun, UNLIKE ME - she does NOT enjoy public speaking! Cool, right? Well, here is my interview with Ruthykins...

1) My bloggy profile name is ruthykins

2) I am emmap's sister

3) you can find MY blog here: A Hoosier In Nevada

4) You should definitely check out MY blog because... it's somewhat interesting

5) I think Blogging has helped our family grow closer

6) I blog because... it's an outlet and it let's people know what is going on with us

7) If I could have been blogging ten years ago, I would have been telling you all about..... the guys i liked in college

8) The most technological advanced thing I own or I can do is probably my palm pilot.

9) Dad was raised "Amish"... My "Amish" phrase is ... dirty, so i won't tell you. let's just say it involves a cow.

10) Something Emmap would probably never tell you about herself is... nothing. i don't think she keeps anything back

and finally,

11) One of my best family memories is... vacations. i remember one year when i went to church girls' camp and emma, mom, dad, and greenolive were all there. we, the leaders, were there early and we were going around saying why we liked being there and i said that i liked going to camp to get away from my family. we all had a good laugh at that one, except for the people who didn't know who my family was. they just thought i must have had a terrible home life. it was great.

So, that is Ruthykins (or "baby ruth"). Be sure to give her some props here and then go on over for some "Somewhat interesting" reading at her blog {HERE}


greenolive said...

Yes, her blog is a little bit more than somewhat interesting. Maybe I'm biased because I taught her everything I know. Ha ha ha. I totally remember when she said that. It was so funny and clever and I wished I had come up with it myself. But alas, my little sister is wittier than I.

Susie said...

It is so nice to meet her! You have a wonderful family:-)

Puphigirl said...

Now you have my interest, I want to know what the Amish phrase is.

RhondaLue said...

Holy Canoli that couch redo is AMAZING! BEAUTIFUL! I hope she did a post about it so I can check out how she did it. WOW!

Funny about the camp story, loL!

Alice in Wonderland said...

I sort of guessed that she was related to you too!
How many sisters did you say that you had?
Gosh, anymore and you can start your own blog!
Honestly, you all look like a great bunch, and you all do look a bit alike! (except that I don't thinks that Ruth looks like a wabbit!)

EmmaP said...

puphigirl... think about it... real hard... four words... starts with "go" and ends in "coo".

okeydokeyifine said...

I have a nice experience being only about 10 minutes away from Ruthykins. We see each other on mondays when she comes over and on sundays at church. Every once in a while we will throw another day in there. I also have the uniqueness of being the baby of a large family as does she. There is something special and self-explaining about that.
I am so pleased with how far Ruthykins has grown in skills. She will try several different things. I have no talent for food or such.
It is true that she does not like public speaking but she will sing in public. She has a lovely voice and I am glad she will share it. She loves to play games and likes to keep everyone happy.
She is the hub of the family. She calls and talks to them and keeps us informed and updated as needed.
I love that she trusts in the Lord to help her through tough times. She is grateful for what she has and always has a positive take on things. I love her so much and and grateful she is my baby girl.