Friday, February 26, 2010

Interview With A Blogger: Sister Three

Sister # 3 is actually the 5th out of 7 kids in my family. She is 4 years younger than me, and yet I look up to her for many reasons. She is the most Patient person I know. She is Loyal. She is Kind. She will do ANYTHING for ANYONE. She is Creative. She has this ability to remain Calm whereas I might overreact in a similar situation. She and I will share ideas and I am always impressed. She is a much better mom than I ever was or am. We both share similar tastes and interests in clothes, hobbies, decorating, etc. We both can play the piano. We both enjoy cooking for verrrrry similar reasons and we both love finding new recipes. We both enjoy story-telling and she can tell a whopper and yet you never quite know if it's for real! I would tell you that she is like the sister I never had; except she IS my sister! hahaha! Growing up, we also had verrry similar goals. Except she carried them out where I didn't. I guess I envy her because she got to do some of the things I wanted to do but didn't. And although I think we are so much alike in many ways, she is probably the most Christ-like person I know. She doesn't give herself as much credit as she deserves; and she deserves A.LOT! She is a mother to Five kids, ranging in ages from about 7 to just under a year (I think). No wonder she is always wondering, Am I Going Crazy?" Here is my interview with GreenOlive.

1) My bloggy profile name is greenolive

2) I am emmap's favorite sister.

3) you can find MY blog here: Am I Going Crazy?

4) You should definitely check out MY blog because... sometimes it's funny and if it's not you can tease me about it so you win either way.

5) I think Blogging has helped our family grow closer more.

6) I blog because...I spend my whole day talking to little kids and sometimes I have things to say that they don't care hearing about. I can at least write it down and if someone comments I feel like I got to communicate with an adult a little bit.

7) If I could have been blogging ten years ago, I would have been telling you all about.....going back to college after my mission and how it felt to be way older than my roommates and friends and how guys ran from me assuming I was on the hunt.

8) The most technological advanced thing I own or I can do is... I figured out how to use the web on my cell phone the other day.

9) Dad was raised "Amish"... My "Amish" phrase is ... "du muss potty geh?" (Do you have to go potty?) I bet all of us choose the same phrase.

10) Something Emmap would probably never tell you about herself is...that she was sort of a legend to the girls that were my age growing up. She was almost always in the spotlight and having hilarious fun but she also was keeping her standards and showing us a good example. I remember being proud that I had such a cool sister.

and finally,

11) One of my best family memories is...playing ghosts in the graveyard with my siblings and cousins after {ice cream suppers}. Running around in the dark, feeling the cool breeze and huffing in that fresh country air playing with my loved ones is something I can never forget.
Thanks, GreenOlive! Leave her some bloggy-comment-love here and then hop on over to check out more {HERE}


Ruthykins said...

i think her answers are better than mine were.

Susie said...

It's so sweet how much you all admire each other!

greenolive said...

I was wondering what my answers were. I couldn't remember what I said. Well thank you for the nice things you said Emmap. It gave me a boost. You're awesome.

Alice in Wonderland said...

Now I did know that GreenOlive was your sister, but I was only guessing at Ruth! How many more sisters do you have?
A blog about you all growing up would be a very interesting read!
Big Hugs!

Blog Stalker said...

A very cool sister indeed. Loving your interviews!

Have a great day!

Era said...

Hi Emma, I've finally found my way back to blogging. I am enjoying your series on your family bloggers. I think it's cool how close you all are. I grew up like an only child since my brothers are about 20 years older than I am.

okeydokeyifine said...

I agree that Greenolive is very spiritual. She certainly is a gift to our family. I admire her so very much. She would give the shirt off her back and then be grateful she had a shirt to give. She thinks nothing of taking more on so that others would have it easier.
Recently she had an experience that I thoght would devistate her but it didn't. Don't ask me where she got the strength to rise to the occasion and Act instead of Reacting. She is calm, cool, and collected. I love her faith in Heavenly Father. I love her Realness. I love her charity. I love that she possesses all things considered feminine and yet not weakness. I love her so much and after I live at Emma's I will go to Greenolive's house. Infact I can just see them fighting over who gets me. One will say "you take her" and the other will answer " no, you take her". hahaha.
I must say that I love all my children's children even though I only mentioned it in Puphi's interview.
I love them when they visit and love to send them home again. (old people :)
Greenolive is truly a saint in all she does. Honest, true, chaste, virtuous, and doing good. All this and more. So very grate Heavenly Father blessed with give her to us.

greenolive said...

Actually I always figured mom would stay with me for a visit and then never leave and I would just get to hog her forever. You guys are talking me up WAY TOO MUCH. Emmap, yes we have a lot of the same interests and you are better than me at every single one of them. I'm okay with that. I'm not Über-talented that way. Okeydokey, you have to say that nice stuff because you're my mom. I'm glad too because you are such a great mom. And you need to look in the mirror because you are the one who gives and gives and gives at great sacrifice to yourself. You are like the loaves and the fishes. I don't know how you do it.

EmmaP said...

Mom is living with me...

Puphigirl said...

I thought we agreed that Mom would live with me and that each year we would take her out for an afternoon while her room is decorated and then when she returns, tell her she is at the next sibling's house.

okeydokeyifine said...

I think Puphi is thinking about the nursing home idea... and that is okay with me because you all have lives. I know what a difficult thing it is to have old people in the house while you have a life of your own. I know what a sacrifice it was for my mother and my mother-in-law. That was not the sacrifice I was chosen to bear. I am not sure if I know what it is yet, but I am sure I will be ready when the time comes.

Tulsi said...

I was wondering if you dad is still Amish. I'm not sure if it is like an nationality or religion. And are any of your siblings Amish?